Sunday, October 6, 2013

DOD Whistleblower Says Stop Carlos Ghosn From Sharing Technology with IRAN & Putin.... Email a DOJ Lawyer and INSIST NISSAN Execs are Persecuted for Treason or FRAUD!!!

Click Here to See the National Security Problem that I've been "ranting" about the problem for YEARS

Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason

Aug 28, 2013 Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason - Along with a LOT of Members of Congress. Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO ...

"The (NISSAN) prototype utilizes a laser guidance system, radar sensors, and an array of cameras to navigate its surroundings – all of which are built into the car...."  Wall Street Journal Link Below

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