Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bill Krueger, Scott Becker, Erich Marx, Fred Diaz & Jon Brancheou: Nice Guy From an IC Family Told Me to Contract Him If YOU Boys Jail Me Again. The Fact is NISSAN Harms America and People Connected to the DOD Understand that American Technology Should NOT Go to Putin or Iran.

Below was posted last month BUT I've 
been "ranting" about the problem for YEARS

Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason

Aug 28, 2013 Scott Becker & Bill Krueger YOU Should Be Tried for Treason - Along with a LOT of Members of Congress. Carlos Ghosn the NISSAN CEO ...

"The (NISSAN) prototype utilizes a laser guidance system, radar sensors, and an array of cameras to navigate its surroundings – all of which are built into the car...."  Wall Street Journal Link Below

The technology NISSAN is working on is used in WEAPONS SYSTEMS.... I was told NISSAN is using American engineers and they will share the technology with IRAN.
People at the DOD seem to care but at the CIA they don't..... It seems like politicians enjoy giving BILLIONS of dollars to multinational companies that "fuel" terrorist. 
Carlos Ghosn was a "no show" in LA... Was he consulting with Putin on new weapons for Iran & Syria.... I was told Renault car parts are used in Iranian weapons systems.  Renault and NISSAN do a LOT of business in IRAN- up until very recently.  Autovaz the Russian company that Carlos Ghosn sits on the board of STILL fuels the Iranian government.... in many ways. 

"....Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn was scheduled to brief reporters, but unexpectedly canceled at the last moment. Nissan executives gave no specific reason for the cancellation.....The last-minute cancellation was a disappointment to scores of reporters who flew to California to hear Ghosn's vision for the future of Nissan...."  NBC post

Nissan said that it has teamed up with researchers at top universities in both the U.S. and Japan – including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, and the University of Tokyo – to develop self-driving technologies. The company also stated that it is building a “proving ground” in Japan to test the sophisticated systems in a safe environment.
During Tuesday’s presentation, a self-driving Nissan Leaf prototype demonstrated some of its special abilities. The prototype utilizes a laser guidance system, radar sensors, and an array of cameras to navigate its surroundings – all of which are built into the car.
“The car could detect a red light and slow to a stop. When a dummy pedestrian jumped in front of the car, it automatically swerved to the left to avoid a collision. When a test driver engaged the turn signal, the car turned right to simulate exiting a freeway,” said The Wall Street Journal.

Nissan: “Affordable” Self-Driving Cars to Hit Market by 2020

the Diplomat-12 hours ago
During Tuesday's presentation, a self-driving Nissan Leaf prototype ... The prototype utilizes a laserguidance system, radar sensors, and an array of cameras

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