Monday, October 14, 2013

Carlos Tavares - I Know Something is Happening.... NOBODY WIll TEll Me.. What is It? Sir I Think You or You're Ally are Reading My Blog RIGHT NOW....

I heard the GM thing is a "possibility"....  Still NO confirmations...

Seems strange people would still quote you "as if" you were at Renault.  YOU Sir were right about the EV and LG having a bettery battery than the NISSAN battery from the 90's.  People that worked at NISSAN hoped you'd fix the problems.  They were sad when you left to fix Renault...  

Any way I'm sick... trying to get better:

Discovered a LOT more ethics issues in Tennessee

Have a Great Day!!!


Oops check out my new look on the Alan Mulally Ford website:


During the month of November Auto Executives that DO NOT work at NISSAN can have  their domains .... All they have to do is donate to $500 to a food bank (250 to Second Harvest in Nashville & $250 to a Chicago area Food bank)

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