Monday, October 14, 2013

***UPDATE*** Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson Nashville I Sent YOU and the Court an Email and YOURS Bounced Back.... I Will Fax it Soon.... I Also Sent it to the FBI and DOD IGO Have a Great Day!!! I'm Gonna invite Rhori Johnston to Watch... He'll Probably Wear NISSAN Logowear... Here;s a Preview

This Whistleblower Lost Her Freedom in Tennessee (3 times she was jailed for whistle-blowing about issues that proved to be TRUE) and NOW She Wants Justice:  She Has it on Record She is NOT after money she wants the bad people to "go to jail" she wants humanity in Tennessee and she wants her reputation back so she can get a job and health insurance.  Is THAT too much to ask?  

Click Here to See Updated Video Showing the Problem That Sharyn Bovat Exposed in Tennessee

1st issue:  A conflict of interest with Aaron Conklin was exposed by Appellant &  needs to be addressed: Are any judges hearing the appeal have been reviewed by Mr. Conklin?
Mr. Conklin was paid by the State of Tennessee to lead a Judicial review while he was paid by a trucking company that is a large vendor of NISSAN

2nd issue & 3rd issue:I   Sharyn is sick  with Acute bronchitis & taking meds. If improvement does not happen by Wednesday she will see another DR. Sharyn Bovat the Appellate is nervous about traveling to Tennessee she had sent emails to hundreds of journals, activist  & people at the Untied Nations (the UN is  already aware of NISSAN"s humanitarian violations. & people in the UAW are using Sharyn's vetted issues  to bring Unions to the state)   

Sharyn was told  the risk of bing killed in Tennessee are REAL but "good news" if she gets murdered or injured in Tennessee she was told that due to her whistleblowing that NISSAN car parts are used in Iranian weapons systems that she is/will be classified officially as  a federal whistleblower and any harmful action done to her in the state will be federally investigated. 

The Appellant has been traveling to DC - she's been lobbying members of congress and she has set up a communications network that "if" Sharyn does not communicative she is safely at the Nashville airport on Friday afternoon then questions will be asked.   Many people have told her they would like to support her in court but they are afraid that they will receive retaliation if they support her fight for human decency.The YouTube video shows the Appellants voice and shows she's sincere about her cause and explains the issues she will discuss in court during her 15 minutes of taped testimony that will be archived in the State of Tennessee.

4th Issue: Camera's in the courtroom? yes or no

I'm sure I won't see Rhori Johnston on Friday .. He got a Great Deal on a Lease......

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