Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Carlos Ghosn - Tell the 1 American NISSAN Motors Board Member Greg Kelly That I Found Emails That PROVE While I Was Being Fired 4 Times By HR I Told Him and Carlos Tavares About Fraud

 For years I played on Greg Kelly's wife's tennis team.  People told me cronyism "stuff" because they "thought" I was a Good Ole Boy

What type of human being would have his wife's friend jailed 3 times....  

I guess it has to do with Jim Morton:  How much did he get paid out of the Bermuda account?  How much taxpayer money did Jim Morton get?  Jim Morton is connected to Jim DeMint... Sal Russo & LEE ATWATER. Anyway Carlos Tavares demoted Jim Morton's  son & then he got re promoted after Tavares left......huh....

Recently I learned Sonny Bono's death is linked to BLACKWATER.....   & so was Margaret Lesher's.  

Evidently both were independently wealthy and "those in the know" did not want them messing up their "new deal".... the deal was made to let Bob Dole be a sacrifice..... Dole's people got to do the IC stuff....  

Basically "unknown" people linked to Newt Gingrich blackmailed Clinton to "let" their people set up the IC stuff.. I'm sure the FBI can figure it all out.  On the plus side Clinton got America "out of debt"... who cares if a couple of innocent human beings were whacked.... I know I'm "somewhat" accurate. and to be candid the people that destroyed my life are too powerful.  They are connected to TONY BLAIR.  

All I can do is beg the powers that be to help get me a job.  Gracia Martore and Bob Dickey I want to work at Gannett - Because you let your execs stay at the Ritz Carlton and I play golf.   Hey - Gannett Elite I Want to Be "one of you"  FUCK humanity... What was I thinking for whistle-blowing   I should have taken the check NISSAN offered me in 2009 to be silent.  Instead I met with Carlos Tavares and tried to EXPOSE the problem on the internet.  

Gannett just give me a cushy job.  That seems to be the best that I can expect.  

Look Bob and Gracia I can ask stupid questions at press conferences:

I'll be a "team player"....  I can help keep average American "blind" from the truth and Martore and Dickey and keep cashing in their BIG pay checks.... win win.... well for me and Gannett....    Nissan can keep doing business with a terrorist nation and the troops will still be killed by bullets paid "indirectly" by the USA.... BUT nobody cares.... 

Lets Get America into MORE debt too.  that will be fun.... Jon Romano... See I can be a "team player"... your sponsors at Fix the Debt (and screw the elderly) the Wall Street profiteers can use me as a tool to become richer.  I'm sure EVERYONE wants an elevator like Mitt Romney?  

So in America the bad guys win....UNLESS James Comey cleans up the FBI. Maybe he needs a BIGGER budget to do that?   The sequester might have harmed America MORE than "thought".... 

Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

Had I NOT dated Mark Silverman: I would have been "railroaded"

Mark Silverman called me and said Kate Marymont was NOT the link- Then I learned it was BOB DICKEY

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