Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Renault and NISSAN are Merging.....OMG!!! Sharyn Bovat Told Carlos Tavares Was Gonna Be "Set Up" to Take the Hit for the Failed EV. Is America Getting Back it's 1.4 Billion? Is Carlos Ghosn Gonna Make Himself Pope? He Sure Loves POWER!!!!

It is clearly not easy to be No.2 to Ghosn, who is CEO of both Renault and Nissan. After several years of running Renault himself, Ghosn chose Patrick Pelata to be COO in 2008. Pelata, like Tavares, was a lifelong Renault employee, generally admired by others in the organization. But after firing a longtime employee on the false word of Ghosn’s hand-picked security team, Pelata resigned. Tavares replaced him in 2011.
Now Ghosn apparently is rethinking how to organize Renault management, and at the same time the press is raising more questions about Ghosn’s leadership.
France Info notes the renewal of models has been erratic for the past three years, that Renault’s authoritative management style is generating tension throughout the group and there is suspicion everything is being done for Dacia and Nissan, and not for Renault.
The Huffington Post calls the recent flap a battle of egos between car-guy Tavares and manager Ghosn. For example, Tavares wanted a luxury Renault made with Mercedes, but Ghosn decided Mercedes would work with Infiniti.
“With that, we start to doubt the future of the Renault marque without Tavares,” says the Internet publication. “Will the logo be used uniquely on electric vehicles?”

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OK....That makes sense....

Too bad Carlos Ghosn did not value the employee that "know" how to make a car.

I'm sure Andy Palmer will get a cushy job "if" Ghosn does not make him the scapegoat for the failed EV.  The stock being labeled a "strong buy" is interesting.  Guess some with "connections" are cashing in their chips.

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