Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger & NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn - The Timing of the Calsonic Kansei Deal Seems Targeted. Is David Reuter Paid Overtime? Years Ago I Emailed Carlos Tavares and Told Him the CIA Link to Carlos Ghosn Was Connected to Nazi Gold... OMG!!! I'm Sounding Like Glen Beck. The Haslam & Romney Families are Linked Too....

Someone needs to investigate NISSAN & UBS for insider "profiteering" on the Calsonic deal?
See if Romney or Haslam "profited"....

Click Here to See WHY Insider Deals Might Have Been Done.

Tennesseans should be skeptical on HOW the ECD spends the tax dollars of hardworking citizens. This Calsonic deal is "too good to be true"... and the timing is really creepy.  Right after the UBS announcement which was just a re announcement. 

Haslam To Make Jobs Announcement In Shelbyville

5 hours ago - (AP) - Auto parts supplier Calsonic Kansei North America is adding 1,200 jobs at three facilities in Tennesse

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