Saturday, September 14, 2013

Holy Shit!!! David Reuter & Erich Marx.... Stop Enjoying Your Saturday Night... Tell Scott Becker, Jon Brancheau and Bill Krueger That Just By Doing a Google Search for the Word "Whistleblower" You See the Image of the NISSAN & DOD Whistleblower..ME!!! Could Carlos Ghosn Be Going Down? Too Bad the Company Lost it's More Than Qualified #2 Carlos Tavares? I Bet People Connected to James Comey the NEW FBI Director Know NISSAN Deals with IRAN and is Considered UANI "Worst Offender" and Renault Car Parts are Put in Weapons Systems People in DOD Think NISSAN Helps Terrorism. That "Should" Sent Some of YOU Boys to Jail... That and Dept of Energy Fraud and Securities Fraud. Did YOU People Really Think a 2 Billion Taxpayer Backed IDB Bond Was "Decent" Collateral for the 1.4 Billion DOE Loan You Took Out KNOWING the Car Would Be a Flop..... Gannett "Covered Up" the Fact that YOU/zNISSAN Ripped Off America... NOW Were Gonna Have Another Recession....

Google results for "just" the word whistleblower...

Reuter Larry Page's company is giving me HOPE that you'll be exposed and maybe your company will  STOP fueling terrorism!!!    Viva America!!!!   Don't Buy NiSSAN!!!!


Maybe I was dreaming about ALL this?

Maybe I was dreaming that the Ben Bradlee winner Mark Silverman helped me "proof" these brochures saying Iran was also responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing that I sent  to congress.

Maybe the NISSAN Fraud is a "dream"

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