Sunday, September 15, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston ... Do You NOT Like Me Cause i Exposed CIA Backed Torture? Someone Tell John Kiriakou the DOD Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat Exposed CIA Torture Too. Carlos Ghosn is Gonna Get Linked to Ex CIA Linked to Drug Trafficking.. Here's a Preview of How the Dots will Connect..... Linking Carlos Ghosn to Jim Morton to Jim DeMint to Sal Russo to CIA Drug Trafficking.

Above is from Sharyn Bovat's official application to the CIA.... This application is considered an "affidavit" and Sharyn Bovat by law had to tell ALL the truth...  In all previous blog posts Sharyn said she left the IC community in 1993 and she did... she had to flee California from "witch hunts".... oddly she was still asked to "hang out" with friends.  In Central America while doing an mission for the "drug war" Sharyn learned of Americans "interacting" inappropriately with those linked to torture.  She "blew the whistle" and a person was demoted ......   The CIA & State Dept. will know about the details...

Sharyn Bovat Jim DeMint and Jim Morton the former "right hand man" of the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is connected to the "bad people" that did the torturing.  Oliver North and those aligned with Sal Russo too.    Oddly the Sal Russo people today blame the Bush people......   "that" is another fasle flag.

The fact is people that George H. Bush fired are NOW working in National Security for President Obama's administration.  I'm not saying President Obama is part of the problem... It was Leon Panetta that hired them...  President Obama basically "outsourced" foreign policy the 1st 4 years..  Luckily NOW he's got ethical people doing the job.   Chuck Hagel & Susan Rice are true believers in humanity and ethics.  I'm "iffy" on John Brennan....   Still I have hope he's OK.

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