Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pete Waldmeir - of the Detroit News is Keeping the Lockerbie Bombing Lie Going... Did the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Give Him a NEW Car? Some People That Abused Me NOW Drive NISSAN....


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Bob Dickey of Gannett are the Liberal Elites Figurative Capo?

"...I’ll be frank. I have a personal, if somewhat historical interest in this mess.
You see, for several hours in late December 1988, I thought we had lost our daughter Patti after Libyan terrorists put a bomb aboard a packed pre-Christmas flight from London to New York. You may remember Pan Am 103, the giant 747 that exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland, shortly after its noon takeoff, killing all 259 passengers and crew, plus 11 people on the ground..." Pete Waldmeir Detroit News

Maybe someone did Pete Waldmeir a "favor" by having her take the TWA flight... I think the feds need to investigate I was told by far Pan Am was the Cheapest.... because so many were pulling "loved ones" off the plane..... DId you do a deal Pete?

Read This Pete Waldmeir: Be grateful your child is safe and STOP the malicious lies!!!!

I was told that at an AP editor conference EVERYONE knew I was jailed on "trumped up" charges to discredit me and they know the TRUTH about Lockerbie and they won't let the truth be told.   

Mark Silverman the editor of the Tennessean who won the Ben Bradlee award "proofed" these brochures.  I sent one to Senator Diane Feinstein.

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