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The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Will Know Who is Responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing.... & He'll KNow Details of the 9-11 Attack Too..

I convinced a guy in Washington DC that the NISSAN CEO is linked the terrorist that did the 9-11 attacks.... I'm gonna try to explain it to AVERAGE America!!!


"....A spokesman for the tycoon also told The Sunday Times that Salmond privately claimed at the time that Megrahi had been “a scapegoat”    The Sunday Times

Yes!! Supposedly In 1995 the Lockerbie Truth was supposed to come out... The CLINTON Administration stopped it and the Libyans FRAMED....Clarification- The crime happened on British soil so it was the decision of the Brits to persecute the Libyans & the Clintons had NO Choice.  The UK took the lead on Lockerbie related 1995.   I do not know details... I could be wrong.  Maybe someone could investigate?  

The Lockerbie Trial "wrapped up" quickly in 2001- In December people at the American Embassy in Den Haag were "scrambling"... I know because I lived in Netherlands between 1998-2001.  A while ago I was told that AFTER Iraq was liberated then the truth was to be told- In 2012 a DOD PA guy that saw my blog that I was not saying anything classified...huh?   Then why does the mainstream media NOT report the truth?

Below is between Fleur Stanbrook and me  her dad Clive Stanbrook was appointed to the Queen Counsel in 1989- he knows the Lockerbie Truth..
 You'll see that Fleur Stanbrook wanted the Lockerbie Truth exposed.

I was told Megrahi "played a role" in the cover up- later it was joked that his "role" was "scapegoat" ....  Yes when people in the US government that say 100% Megrahi played a role - they should be asked to "define" the role. I'm curious to see people answer that question... UNDER OATH!!!!

Today I read an article that says Donald Trump was told the "same thing".... that is why I'm writing this today.  

Viewers- I just want a normal life...It's a beautiful day and I'm stuck in the house having to go through ALL these conversations. A Huff Post investigative reporter said he'd look at it - Andrew Breitbart was looking at it too... he died a few weeks later. When I was in DC I looked a guy in the eye (someone that knew the truth) and asked if Breitbart was murdered. His reply was "he was a jerk" - Actually I have to agree with that answer.... This source ALSO told me about a year ago when I questioned the death of Gaddafi's former Oil Minister in VIenna (the guy had a heart attack and 'fell into the Danube')  the response... "he was old- had a good run"....  I asked about Michael Hastings being cremated against the families wishes and I was told "they do that on MOB deaths too".....  YIKES!!! 

believe that the "shareholders" of LARGE media outlets did not want to admit that reporting was wrong. That is WHY I'm so hard on Pete Waldmeir.  I believe that profiteering started. People that were part of the Lockerbie cover up built close relationships.  ODDLY - some of  the people that DID the bombing were part of post bombing deals.   

My grandfather told me "you can't do a cover up 'if' you don't have ALL the details"  so the a successful cover up could have never happened had America and Britain NOT known people that "did " the bombing.  I believe the foreigners that  I met in the Middle East were those that work with the Iranian National Guard. I know the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn has details and he should be forced to testify.  Strangely the DIA came up with a "similar" theory as me.  I think i might have done some research for people "linked" to the DIA.  I say that "because" I was asked to go to Georgia in 1993. Guess WHO was in charge of the DIA in 1993 JAMES CLAPPER.  Guess who was the "acting" TOP DOD lawyer in 1993... STEPHEN PRESTON.   Lets face it- If I was NOT telling the truth... I'd be dead and you would not see my pictures when you google Stephen Preston DOD.  

Someone PLEASE clarify - the Kline Preston Issue...I do NOT understand the relationship between Kline Preston and Stephen Preston.... I can't see members of the Senate approving a guy to be the top lawyer if he was related to a Putin Loving Homophobe.... Still NOBODY will confirm "if" there NOT related.  This is interesting.  

Kline Preston (my  ex lawyer)- Told me he had an "in" with the FBI.  He wanted me to give him my data about NISSAN committing fraud so he could give it to them. We'll I had already "done that"... The FBI is a very politically motivated agency.  I won't give details on this blog. Lets just say....BOTH parties created an agency that seemed to be the "donors of the President protections agency".....  Still the FBI does a LOT of good.  It's just a fraction of cases that are ignored ... When people think they can "get away with it" they do more and more.... eventually ALL of society is harmed.  

When you Google the incoming head of the FBI my picture "pops" after Valerie Plame- How cool is that?   
The Clintons in the 90's instituted a "fire wall" between the FBI and CIA.  It was done for reasons that are "justifiable"  Sadly- the firewall stopped information sharing.  The agencies are too competitive.  

For the record.... I'm NOT against the Clintons... They inherited a problem... The same one that George H Bush inherited.....Blaming people will NOT help society. 

My hope is "that" firewall thing will change.  I've heard that John Brennan is "old school" yet his heart is in the right place. Also I hear that James Comey is HIGHLY ethical.......  

My opinion on Director Mueller is he's a "loyal" soldier and I will NOT saying anything bad about him.... which is hard since my child has suffered.  She was 7 years old when I first whistle blew in 2009.  Had "someone" at the FBI told NISSAN to stop the bullying it would have been stopped. The Nashville FBI satellite office did NOT want to touch the "good ole boy" issue.   Tennessee is so corrupt.  It's like a "mini-Tegucigalpa".....I hope that the Memphis office of the FBI gets a makeover.  I've heard so many HORROR stories that the FBI in Tennessee have ignored.  A lot of federal dollars have been wasted due to cronyism and abuse of government programs in Tennessee.   
***HISTORY*** A long time ago I dated one of the FBI guys that "hunted Bin Laden".... His friend reached out to me a few months ago.  I was told James Comey is not a person that "plays politics"  So maybe with Comey in charge I have "hope" that a criminal investigation will happen & some Justice for ALL the abuse I've endured can Happen. 

The FBI started doing "house keeping" in Tennessee in 2011. I told Mark Silverman about investigations ... and when the Haslam raid "hit".... I knew that the fireworks were starting.  Sadly the Boston Bombing happened on the "same day"... It was communicated to me that the Bombings could have happened "on purpose" to be a diversion or a warning. 

This is "just" speculation-a theory....  9-11-2001 was retaliation done by islamic extremist because they were mad an innocent person was found guilty in 2001 for a terrorist attack. 
The attack was HORRIBLE- what scares me is some very bright people think it was an "inside job" and people connected to Bush and Cheney organized it.  I want to say that in my heart I believe THAT IS NOT TRUE.   The people that say the Bush administration wanted it to happen so we could go to war are wrong.  The people that say VP Cheney wanted to "go to war" are correct. HELLO-  America is a nation "founded on War"... were the #1 Superpower.... A Boeing union guy told me "I LOVE War"... It means overtime.

I do NOT blame the Clinton, Bush H or W administrations. The mess America is in today was started by a "few" Reagan operatives that armed islamic extremist that became Al Qaeda. 

Then President Obama made Michael Vickers who led arming the islamic extremist head of his DOD intelligence.  Donald Rumsfeld used VENDORS to help supply intelligence prior to the Iraq decision.  I learned that the companies that profited from the recent wars had representatives that provided the "intelligence" to the Secretary of the Dept. of Defense.  

Republicans and Democrats are equally at fault... STILL I believe there are a LOT of really good people working in the Intelligence Community.  I believe that a LOT of terrorist attacks have be stopped by those that serve America.  The people that work in the FBI-CIA-DIA and NSA are my heroes.  That said- I think that there are some "bad apples" and sadly man of them are in management.   The issue of Benghazi is VERY disturbing. Along with a majority of people from America I'm appalled at the "lack of humanity" that has been shown by our nations leaders.   Along with 80% of America I'm VERY upset that drones have killed innocent children. Personally I thank Rand Paul for giving me reassurance I won't be killed by a drone:):)

In November 2012 I attended a National Security legal conference:  Basically hundreds of lawyers from all 17 IC communities getting updated on legal issues.  The "ethics" session was fantastic- the former General or equal level position guy  told us rules that were in place and he gave examples of why the rules came to be.    Oddly the examples were from the Iran Contra era.... the same era that Michael Vickers led America's biggest covert op. Oops at lunch I told the people at my table I did counter intelligence work during the 80's..... now I know why they "stared" at me.  

-Funny Memory-
At lunch we we introduce ourselves and say who we worked for - I was honest and said "I left the IC community in 1993 and I'm in the process of trying to get back in"... I would always mention that I was the 3rd generation of an IC family and my grandfather was in Naval intelligence in late 40's.  One lady from a prestigious National Security law firm said in a tone that was ."You missed the torture era.....NOW were in the drone era"....  I told her.- I had an 11 year old daughter that figure skates... don't tell me I missed the "torture" era.  

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