Friday, August 2, 2013

Nick Agelidis- Why Did YOU Not Stand Up for Me... I Was Told Greg Kelly Put You on a List and Left if for Mark Stout. Diane Carolin Told Me Originally and Catherine Perez Confirmed. I Told Tavares YOU Were a Good Guy... I Knew Your Wife When I Lived in Holland... YES!!! Nick Agelidis ALSO Lived in Holland During the Lockerbie Cover Up... Then He Was Transferred to Paris Then to Tennessee.... Lamya and I Started Playing Bridge....

Two of Nicks former colleagues from Southern California have reached out to me.... 

Sadly I was also told by a person who USED to work at NISSAN "what type" of poison was "most likely" used on my.   I need to get checked for lung cancer.  
I want NISSAN to stop jerking me around in court because I do NOT know how long my life will be.... It's sad and CRIMINAL!!!!

I'm devastated and I'm gonna give a list of NISSAN execs that did dirty deals to the FEDS.....My giving that list won't do much since I was told that investigating what has happened to me will "open up a can of worms".... Justice does not happen for some us in America....  I can't stop crying.

One night I spoke to Lamya's dad (he lives in Lebanon) - he was giving us tips on playing better bridge... He played with Omar Sharif...  Lamya introduced me to a lady that immigrated to the US from Iran in 2002. We became friends and she told me that Iranians KNOW they're responsible for the LOCKERBIE bombing.... 

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