Saturday, May 19, 2012

Connecting the Vanderbilt Bridge Club to the DOE Fraud and Solar Scams.... It's sad but TRUE Please read.... thanks....

One of my former bridge partners Michael connected to the INGRAM Family & Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr ( Also "most likely" the solar/NISSAN fraud that's happening).

 Michael Thomason worked as an appointee of the Bredesen He lied to me about what he did. About 18 months ago In DC I was tipped off that he was spying on me and Chris Clark of the Vanderbilt bridge club told me "that was ridiculas"

He quit playing bridge with me the same week that Bredesen left.

I've confronted him and members of the state senate know and immediatly he was taken "off" the state of Tennessee website

My other bridge partner was also Michaels other bridge partner and that was Mira Yamaoka

  1. Mira Yamaoka was the granddaughter of a man that owned the hotel across the street from the American Embassy in Japan (he was a spy for AMERICA).
  2. Mira befriended me while NISSAN was bullying me and she offered "moral support"...... She's a clinical hypnotherapist (who does really well investing.... in this market she made a LOT of money in green stocks) I asked Mira to do hypnotherapy on my when NISSAN executives had people harass me by following me and I was "stressed" later I was diagnosed with PTSD.
Mira told me that she could "not" work with me because of "who I used to work for" I asked her "how she knew" and she said she "got a call"... so the lady that could NOT help he with hypnotherapy that i wanted due to my PTSD (again that happened with NISSAN's head of Corp. Security Rob Trayham ordering people to follow and harass me ....) I was told by the friend of the late Marvin Runyon that Rob from NISSAN was used to stop people that wanted to "go union" . Evidently I got the "preferred" treatment. It's was HORRIBLE!!!
Mira Yamaoka's portfolio of "mostly" non compliant ENERGY stocks has had gone from about 1,000,000 to almost 3,000,000 mainly she invest in ENERGY's twisted but true.....
Chris Clark the woman that "selected" my bridge partners and encouraged me to play with Michael Thomason (I have emails). She's connected to the INGRAM's BUT I'm sure she's not one of the "green" energy profiteers. I like Chris.

Reagan-Farr,-Matt-Kisber,-TNInvestco,-Tennessee-Small-Business ...

Reagan-Farr,-Matt-Kisber,-TNInvestco ... December 17, 2008, VC-backed former Ingram exec launches online business. December 16, 2008, Gov. Bredesen ...
  1. Phil Bredesen: Person DB Profile: Solar
    Kisber-Farr solar startup met with CCA - The Daily News Journal ... will keep his position after Gov -elect Bill Haslam takes office Jan Tom In
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