Monday, June 3, 2013

Michael Misick Led a County That is Known for Laundering Money... The People That Let Michael Misick Steal 180 Million from the Turks and Caicos are Linked to the Lockerbie Bombing and the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn.

  1. Michael Misick Story Might Be What Exposes the Lockerbie Truth ...

    2 days ago – JUSTICE for the WORLD is a Good Thing. Also a RAPE Did Happen andMichael Misick is a Creep. Money Should NOT Buy Freedom for ONLY the Elite.
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Misick NEVER should have been able to "steal" all that money BUT someone let him.... Who? & Why?  

The motives for the Lockerbie bombing involved Iran (oil) and drug trafficking....Mandelson is the link
to Carlos Ghosn & when people "investigate" research they will see a "lot of lines crossing"... more names
will be added to the list and maybe some taken off.... I was really "iffy" on Al Gore.  Notice the Russian 
delegation. The Russia mafia is linked to the people that killed Sonny Bono & they are linked to Lockerbie
profiteers.  It looks like the Russian Embassy took the "warning" of the bomb on Pan Am flight 103 
seriously and I would bet there's a link...  Lots of questions need to be answered and hearing have to be
held BEFORE those involved are too old.  

Also you will see pictured Carlos Slim and other mainstream media executives. They by their silence aided corruption. Tennessee leaders are prominent.  The state of Tennessee is a shelter for corrupt people and that is how the state became #1 in corruption.  It's sad. I'm happy I'm leaving....

If You See Your Picture and Think it Does NOT Deserve to Be There Call Me.... 615-944-7599.

I can add photos (email me). 

This is a sample of the POWER brokers that consciously or unconsciously let corruption happen"..... 

My hope that James Comey the new head of the FBI investigates the Lockerbie profiteers.... 

Create a Lockerbie Profiteer Amnesty Program

If You See Your Picture and Think it Does NOT Deserve to Be There Call Me.... 615-944-7599.

Some people were "clueless and some corrupt".... Please lets identify who is who.... below is
a list of Lockerbie Cover Up profiteers....

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: The NFL ...

1 day ago – some dating back to the Derek Taylor People's Democratic Movement (PDM) administration and as recent as the former Michael Misick Progressive National .

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