Monday, June 3, 2013

If the ONLY Way to Get My Reputation Back is to Convince America That IRAN is One of the Countries Responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing and the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Played a Role in the Cover Up... Then OK.... I Need to Work and Until I Get My Reputaion Back I'll Keep Trying Creative Ways to Communicate Messages.... Hughes Might Be Interested In Me Ooops No There Not I've Got a Misdemeanor that NISSAN Executives Trumped Up... & They BOUGHT the Politicians Who Appoint Those in the Courts...

Copy of email sent to UN and cc'd the CIA


This is important because many meetings are happening this week in the UK & I got an email a while back that Saif Gaddafi's life was in danger because France does NOT want him alive to testify....... Sarkozy & his allied took a LOT of money from them.

Libya to appeal ICC ruling to hand over Saif al-Islam Gaddafi hours ago
"We will give what is needed to convince the ICC that Libya is capable of conducting a fair trial in accordance with international standards," the ...

A copy of the "deleted" post is below... Thanks to my iPad I was able to makes a "screen shot"... you'd be amazed at "what" has been taken off the internet.  LOTS is not reported by Gannett & other news outlets.... I know why.  My grandfather told me the CIA suppresses stories.... he did not like that still he was not in charge.   He told me to take up golf when I complained about "evil" people being able to succeed.  Anyway...  my grandfather died in 1998 but he did live long enough to see my first trophy for winning the club championship (handicap included:) ......Some of the nicest people I met in the Netherlands were on the golf courses.... I even  played the course that had the Dutch Open. The point of this is that the internet is going to expose the truth.

Frank Duggan "suppressed" the voice of a someone from Scotland who reached out.  Maybe that person was a "nut" maybe not. I hope Mr. Duggan gave the information to the FBI... BELOW look at the Facebook post.   Why did he delete it and is there an explanation.  My biggest concern is about getting Saif Gaddafi to testify.  He'll know about the Lockerbie Truth and he'll also know of issues about Sarkozy and the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn.  It seems that the ONLY way to get my reputation restored is to prove that IRAN is one of the countries responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.  I have an Iranian source that says "YES" they were involved.  That source was given US citizenship but they have family members in IRAN and due to the risk of their lives I cannot blog more than that.... Still if Senator Dianne Feinstein's Intelligence Committee wants to give me 2 minutes of their time I can show that a "cover up" happened.

I do NOT know "who did it"  I do not know if Megrahi is innocent  ALL I know is that there was a "cover up"..... 

Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

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