Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes!!! I Know that Haley Barbour Wanted Me Jailed & to Make This MORE Complicated at the SAME Time I Was Reaching Out To Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie for Help. It's Complicated. The Fact is Haley Barbour Used Jailing People as a Tool to be in Power. Why Do YOU Think He Had to Pardon So Many. I Told This to My Lawyer Kline Preston and it Looks Like He Then Helped Out Haley Barbour. Marsha Blackburn Has Her Hands in the Taxpayer Funded Cookie Jar Too. Someone Look at WHO Donates to Her? At Least Ed Gillespie Talked Barbour OUT of Running For President. That Pissed of People in Mississippi and I Had Death Threats. Can Someone Get Me OUT of the South? Can I Forgive Haley Barbour for Being Connected to NISSAN Fraud? YES!!! I'm Smart Enough to Know I Have NO Choice. He's Too Powerful and I Do NOT Want to Be Jailed. Barbour's Allies Appointed the Corrupt Judges. Anyway- My Mom Taught Me to Never Burn Bridges. Life's Too Short to Hold Grudges. She Said the Best Revenge is Having a Good Life. That Said I Want a Job and Health Care and a Two Bedroom Condo in a DC Suburb. Thank You!!!

Yes I was told in 2009 that "the failed EV was going to be Haley Barbour's ticket to the White House"  Someone want me to take a lie detector test?
I knew from Mark Silverman that Rove and Gillespie did NOT know about this.  That is WHY I reached out to them. It was Sal Russo that was Solar profiteering.  I'm sorry to say this BUT Marsha Blackburn is "not as nice to the taxpayers as she pretends to be"...

  1. Wonder WHY Gannett pulled "this" article?
  2. Miss. settles with Twin Creeks solar panel | The Daily Journal 15, 2013 – The state of Mississippi settled a lawsuit Tuesday with Twin Creeks, a California solar panel company that went out of business after the state ...
"...Some stakeholders in the Twin Creeks deal have political connections. W.G. Yates & Sons Construction of Philadelphia built part of the Twin Creeks plant. Executives and family members from W.G. Yates’ parent, The Yates Companies, gave $25,000 to Barbour’s federal PAC in August 2010. The Yates Companies also donated this year $10,000 of in-kind air travel to Haley’s PAC, a Barbour fundraising arm in Georgia.

Friday, April 09, 2010


Nissan Chooses Pre-Construction Contractor for New Nissan Battery Plant
April 7, 2010 (PR Newswire)

"Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) has selected W.G. Yates of Philadelphia, Miss., as the general contractor supporting the pre-construction services phase for Nissan's new battery plant that will be built at the automaker's vehicle assembly plant in Smyrna, Tenn. The battery plant will support the assembly of the Nissan LEAF that will be built at the Smyrna plant in late 2012. 

Below was sent to me by a blogs viewer:

Begin forwarded message:

Here are some links I found.

This one mentions a Mississippi contractor that got the Nissan contract.  Someone to check out who they are tied to.

Bingo, this one mentions Thormann. Used Nissan, EV, DOE, Funding Thormann

Other read worthy stuff

They mention the Group executive committee having one of the 3 suspended.  Ghosn, Pelata and Thormann are all sitting on that committee, now we wait to see which of the 3 takes the fall for the rest.  I think more heads will roll as the investigation continues and they see it is bigger than they thought.  (so far ONLY Pelata's has "rolled" ..... 

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