Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hemlock Semiconductor is Doing What Sharyn Bovat Said a LONG Time Ago. Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr SCREWED Tennessee and Senator Jack Johnson Let it Happen. NISSAN is Gonna Be Known as a BIGGER Waste of Taxpayer Money. OUCH!!!!

Tennessee- I told YOU so.
FYI- I'm moving out of the cesspool BUT will be back and forth for court appearances.  Keeping the same cell 615-944-7599.

When I'm gone their is NO credible watchdog.  Too bad - there are some great people in this state.

I hope the Tennessee Center of Self Governance is able to convince the Beacon Center people to REPORT stories that matter. Maybe it that happen and the Franklin Center of Public Integrity "wakes up" then this society can get healthy.  Kurt Potter and Mishelle Perkins give me HOPE that fairness to the taxpayers can happen.

And like the perpetrators of King Joffrey’s disastrous reign in “Game of Thrones,” the perpetrators in the “Game of Throwing Away Other People’s Money” are finding corporate welfare is a tough game to rein in once it’s underway.
Some lawmakers, however, are trying to rein in their crowning mistakes.
The leashes in this case are “clawback” provisions, by which governments cut off tax breaks to publicly-subsidized companies that don’t deliver on their promises of job creation. Tennessee legislators are quickly pushing through a bill to include “clawback” provisions on future business deals involving state incentive money. Too late for Hemlock Semiconductor and the $100 million in the Volunteer State, which is reportedly “Hemlock’s to keep.”

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