Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tweets From Ex Lawyer Make Whistleblower Fear For Life....... Comments About President Obama are Racist & His Homophobic Comments Scare Her. Sharyn Bovat Was Bullied Because People Thought She Was Gay (I'm NOT but I'm a Perceived Gay) - I Just Realized My Ex Lawyer Might Be One of those That Did the Bullying. Sharyn Bovat is TERRIFIED!!! A Hate Crime Investigation Needs To Happen. Even Perceived Gay Republicans Deserve RESPECT!!!!!

Letter Submitted to the American Bar Click Here to Read
I want someone to get me OUT of Tennessee. PLEASE
The President of Marsha Blackburn Inc Scares Me!!! 
Kline Preston was Marsha Blackburn's Finance Chair too....Sal Russo & the Tea Party Express are Connected to Marsha.....Sal Russo got CIA contracts during the 80's and early 90's
It was Sal Russo that restored the image of Oliver North.  

FYI- Oliver North just did what he was told & I understand why some think of him as a hero. For the record I told Mr. North (to his face) I did NOT like what he was doing.  He gave me a lecture on "loyalty" on to my country and to whom I worked for.  Note to Mr. North I'm loyal to America and I love my country. I'm fighting for RESPECT of the laws of America and I would hope YOU Sir would Stand by Sharyn.  We can no longer let the Euro Elite in love with Putin rip off America.

from the website of Kline Preston

My lawyer did not do his job properly.  I know find out he's a homophobe.... Help!!!

Notice his loony tweeting starts AFTER I sent complaint to State Bar and filed a lawsuit...

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