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Dept. of Energy Fraud

Mar 27, 2013

Sharyn Bovat's Summary
On June 4th 2009 I started the website to change the corporate culture at NISSAN North America.

I told Mr. Tavares about discrimination, wasteful spending, corruption and lack of respect for people at NISSAN in TN.

On the executive floor I was told Skirts Don't Speak at NISSAN North America and later proved that women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 t0 10% the year I whistle blew.

NISSAN took over 1 Billion dollars from the American taxpayers The Leaf EV is made with outdated technology and NISSAN executives told me that they took the money due to a "cash flow" problem. Because I questioned bad customer service, unethical behavior and wasteful spending at NISSAN North America I was bullied and harassed. The entire HR department retaliated and made my life miserable.

Sharyn Bovat was raised by a family that served America covertly & for decades  interacted with prominent political leaders.   According to a Pentagon staffer her life is no longer classified. Sharyn was the last of 3 generations that quietly fought for the issues America represented and that's Freedom and Democracy.

In 2009 the automaker NISSAN "outed" her as a former researcher for CIA operatives. They did this after she whistle blew about billions of dollars that a foreign company was taking to build a car that they did not have the technology to produce.

An Obama bundler was hired to do the legal review for the Dept. of Energy loan that was backed by the Treasury bank (Wall Street did not want to touch it). Worse NISSAN is on the Iran watch list because they do business with IRAN.

Knowing that "due diligence" was not properly done hurt America

Bovat wants to be able to write laws that protect America from “evil” companies that take advantage of the American taxpayers.

That's NOT Happening - 80% of car parts are from ASIA..

that includes China and Korea.

American Jobs are NOT happening. 

NISSAN Almost 6 Billin in IDB Bond Debt and They Want MORE Taxpayer Money.  Global profits for NISSAN Motors is a LOT Less... Unless Your Talking About YEN... Lets ALL use the Same language.  NISSAN "selectively" uses different currency to LIE about what their doing.  Shame on you!!!!

 Nissan’s José Muñoz, It's great you sold so many it's just that is NOT sustainable.

What was the NEW 500,000,000 in bond sales for.... gonna subsidize the cars for another 3 years?

Whats' the 100,000,000 in bonds you want from Mississippi for?

DOn't you get tired of getting "new credit cards"....

Have you CFO tell the TRUTH about bond debt.  Show America HOW you will pay your bills.

I got an email from a viewer.... telling me he knew NISSAN was corrupt. A LOT of people know the Euro Elite is taking advantage of America.

Amazing what simply lowering the entry level price by a mere $6,400 can do for sales.  The 2013 Nissan LEAF now starts at $28,800, with nationally advertised leases starting at $199/month

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