Saturday, March 9, 2013

The NISSAN CEO is Connected to Terrorist and NOBODY Seems to Care..... Why?

This is part of a malicious prosecution filed against Kline Preston 

 The Interrogatory Question is an example of HOW he responded.

AN email sent to the UK courts tonight:

Begin forwarded message:

Happy Weekend UK Elite & Scottish Judicial Administrators: 

A Press Packet is being made and will be distributed to UK media outlets. 

It seems like the "gridlock" in getting to the Lockerbie Truth is coming from the PALACE - 
The Chrystal Palace in America and The Crown in the UK.  

Tony Blair was supposed to be a man of the people and he became the royal families "go to" guy for cash.  It's kind of pathetic.

Because I consider a highly acclaimed member of the mainstream media my friend (although he did NOT show up at my trial and had a really crappy excuse) I will distribute information with his name not mentioned.  He's a decent human being that does not deserve to have his name drug through the mud.  In fact he's partially responsible for my "push" to expose the Lockerbie Truth.  He told me in August 2011 at Giovanni's in Nashville that I could be the person that could help give the families of the Lockerbie victims closure.  He helped me proof this brochure.

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