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Self Proclaimed NISSAN/Datsun Fan Contact Sharyn About NISSAN Quality.Sadly This is NOT the First Time.... NISSAN Needs a Change in Management. Did the Move to Tennessee DESTROY The Company; Carlos Tavares Feared That is Would.

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I came across your blog after looking for contact information for Nissan.  I have to admit, I have been a Datsun/Nissan fan since the 1970's and have owned over 30 Datsun/Nissan cars.  However, over the past few years, I have been falling out of love with them as the quality of their vehicles and the lack of competent customer service has driven me to trade off my last Nissan vehicle (***************..), and my wife is trying to get Nissan to repair ****************************.  The vehicle has issues from ********************************* has already been replaced but they still do not know how to fix the issue with it, the leather is falling apart (literally bubbling, wrinkling and tearing with no reason), and more.

Once I saw your blog, I was hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction on what button to push to get Nissan to do something about this vehicle.  The dealerships are all scared to express their opinion (which is the same as ours), because a Nissan regional service adviser said there was nothing wrong. 

Keep up the great work and thank you in advance for any information you can throw my way.


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You'd be amazed at how many people contact me because of their frustration. I used to communicate the issues directly to a Nissan board member who then insisted on change- then I started getting jailed. It's been communicated to me that in 2008-2009 the quality of HQ management was downgraded just to ensure nobody would expose the fraud. Sadly that  led to the quality in every division at Nissan suffer.  The only reason why their sales were higher last year was that Honda and Toyota both suffered excessive losses with the earthquake. This year Nissan sales are down and car sales are up. That says a lot. A few former Nissan employees Are now at Hyundai.  I have been Told me that those cars are today BETTER Than Nissan.  Soon the buyers will "Wake up" And that will hurt ALL 
Japanese companies.  Still I have A Honda Civic Hybrid- get 45 MPG And love it.  My dealer is fantastic And even a man whose a Director at NissanTold me that  Honda makes better Cars.  Toyota makes the best "green" cars. 

Since you like the Nissan Z (in The 80's I was a fan of Datsun) I can see why you were loyal to Nissan for So long. After 3+ years of Blogging i've seen a pattern of: the people that were Loyal customers are the ones that feel the most Betrayed.  So by you speaking up Your backed by a LOT of people. So communicate your issue to NISSAN owners blogs. 

Anyway. That's the  best advice is to embarrass Nissan into fixing it. Sounds strange but I was told its worked for some. Look at what this lady Did just to get her Sentra fixed.
Another lady said picketing On a Saturday was the ONLY Solution. 

Good luck!

One more thing WHY did your Wife ***************?

Have a great day,



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