Saturday, March 23, 2013

NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Should Be Questioned About Karachi Affair: He'll Know the Truth about the Bus Bombing. Again He'll Know the Truth About the Lockerbie Bombing. Sarkozy Accused of Ordering Gaddafi Hit.... He Also Ordered Former Libyan Minister to Be Whacked Prior to Losing Presidency.

Drive of Black Altima/Maxima whose Plate # is 655 YZP YOUR the kind of aggressive driver thats dangerous to society. YOU were zip zagging through traffic in Cool Spring (Franklin) and are a danger to society.  Based on "what" I've been through in the Tennessee courts you should have to do 3-5 years.  To the white Rogue that keeps driving by my child's home.... STOP. I do NOT trust the police in Tennessee (obviously they're corrupt- Randy Elrod told me that) and whenever I feel threatened I will put tag #'s on this BLOG. It' time NISSAN treated Sharyn Bovat with RESPECT.

This is my cat Miranda... named after my "rights

NOW don't you think I'd "rather" spend quality time with my cat rather than "ranting" about NISSAN fraud.  The fact is NISSAN is run by unethical people that have TERRORIZED me and until I find out I'm OK I'm emailing the United Nations & Diplomats (Portugal too) I'm tired of fighting for humanity BUT humanity has not happened. 

Back to ranting about Carlos Ghosn & Global corruption connected to Sarkozy-Ghosn will KNOW about Karachi affair

There's a Euro Elitist "Clique" Connected to Sarkozy & Blair that work with Ex CIA that are into weapons deals and linked to 80's era drug trafficking. They're connected to Carlos Ghosn and Lebanon and the Lockerbie Bombing.  Evidently They "used" Al Gore for his "green credentials".... Too much money was milked and  NOW is in off shore accounts.  Someone stand up for America.... 

Is someone investigating?  

Daniel Glaser How is the SDN list coming?
Below is from a "recent" email I received.....

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