Friday, March 22, 2013

Begin forwarded message:

"I think Al Gore is a Genius & Invented the Internet so the Lockerbie Truth Could be Told"  Sharyn Bovat 

New Blog to Expose "Possible" Conflict of Interest Between Calibe a DOD Contractor founded in 1989 (same year cover up started) and Gannett (the mainstream media that IGNORES the Lockerbie truth).

This blog is going to be a "Tale of Two CEO's"
Is the power dual Joseph and Gracia Martore just in bed with each other OR are they sleeping with IRAN?   
Mr. Martore is a DOD "vendor" that takes pride in offering advice to "top level dod executives" The CEO of Calibre Joseph Martore must have known that a foreign company (NISSAN - a company that is on the IRAN watch list for dealing with a terrorist nation) NISSAN got over 1 Billion US tax dollars to build a car with outdated technology & used a taxpayer IDB bond as collateral. Funded by the Federal Financing Bank (the Treasury bank that seem to accept a LOT of bad loans that regular financial institutions won't risk taking) The CEO of Gannett who knew of NISSAN fraud "let" a whistleblower be bullied for a LONG time and the CEO of the paper thats the owner of the USA Today NEVER reported it and odds are she told her husband who provided intelligence to the US government.  

Wow!!!  This could be the breakthrough needed to EXPOSE the TRUTH.

It's time the Lockerbie Families got RESPECT!!!

Sharyn Bovat

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