Monday, December 3, 2018

Nissan Whistleblower Starting NEW Relocation Company & Wants Jeff Bezos & Amazon to Hire Her :):)

Sharyn is a former relocation consultant in Middle Tennessee. Over 30 consultants were used by NISSAN during the relocation of their North American HQ from California to Tennessee.  After the onslaught of transferees a survey was done on the performance of the consultants & Sharyn Bovat ranked the highest, her clients included C-suite execs from General Motors, Dell, Bechtel, Square D & NISSAN North America  

In 2009 NISSAN brought Sharyn “in-house” to manage the relocations of their highest level execs. Because she was NOT asked to sign an NDA when managing the relocation of the 1st Nissan board member to reside outside of Japan Sharyn told Carlos Tavares (the then incoming President of Nissan North America about discrimination, women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 down to 14% in 2008 after the company moved from CA to TN, then in 2009 the number went to 10%. Sharyn did it because of frustration, the hispanic female manager in charge of international relocation whom she had worked & greatly respected was fired and replaced by Burt a friend of the HR leader, a man who made racial slurs & didn’t own a passport, he told Sharyn to “call Expats 'Inpats' cause THEY’RE IN MY COUNTRY” …that bothered Sharyn and after she started working with Carlos Tavares employees asked her to tell Tavares that Gays working for NISSAN in California were NOT encourage to move to Tennessee during the relocation, that blacks made less than white people who did the same job & that direct reports of Greg Kelly had off shore hackers look at the private FB accounts of employees to gather data on their lifestyle choices.  

While sitting at the Social Security office with Carlos Tavares he asked Sharyn about moral in the Tennessee HQ and asked about why she thought so few of the employees from California made the move to Tennessee….. Sharyn used Mr Tavares's question to her as an opening & told Tavares everything she had heard.  

Sharyn's voice was not appreciated & she was fired by Marlin Chapman twice then was fired by Mark Stout (each time she was rehired by Tavares) this happened 4 times. 

Sharyn alleges to keep Sharyn muzzled Greg Kelly had the head of Corp Security Rob Traynham swear out a warrant to have her discredited.  6 police cars showed up at NISSAN North America to haul an unarmed relo-consultant waiting in the lobby to talk to Mr Tavares...Sharyn was hauled off to jail, she was abused and bruised by the police officers who took their time driving her to the jail on a hot July day.  Sharyn's handcuffs were on tight and her shoulder almost dislocated. Sharyn sent pics to Tavares of her bruises and because she did that she was jailed again & again.  

Mr Tavares emailed Sharyn for over 6 months after she was jailed and only stopped communicating with her when she blogged about massive fraud pertaining to the Nissan Leaf.   

In 2009 Catherine Perez the former VP of Purchasing for the Renault-Nissan Alliance told Sharyn that Nissan needed the cash from the DOE loan so they could survive the financial crisis.  

Ghosn had said the EV was a failure in 2005 and jobs were not offered to ppl who worked on the electric car during the move to Tennessee.  When the Obama admin offered grants and loan for green energy Ghosn changed his tune.  The tech Dominique Thorman told Congress Nissan had for the EV they were seeking funding for was tech from the C.A.R.B days.  Nissan execs lied to Congress about the range and the costs.   

Nissan got 1.4 Billion plus shell companies were created to collect grant money.   An IDB bond backed by Rutherford County taxpayers/homeowners was the collateral for the 1 billion+ loan.  

The DOE didn't use their in-house lawyers to vet the loan they used the Paul Weiss law firm... THE SAME LAW FIRM Ghosn has hired to represent him last week.

Today Greg Kelly is sitting in a jail cell along with the CEO Carlos Ghosn.  Sharyn has endured lots abuse because of her whistleblower & has PTSD.  She’s been told vindication is coming but financially the last 9 years have been difficult. About 4 years ago Sharyn moved to Virginia and lived in Pentagon City, Shirlington and Rosslyn, when her healthcare premiums skyrocketed she was told to make her Florida home her main residence, it’s impossible to make ends meet making 60K a year and getting no Obamacare subsidies.   Sharyn’s out of pocket healthcare costs are hovering at 19K a year. The move to Florida was done so she could avoid State taxes and be able to afford groceries.   Sharyn’s short term goal is to lead relocation tours & her mid term goal is to get a Job with benefits & her long term goal is to be able to live in Arlington full time because NoVa is a place that respects diversity.  NoVa offers a variety of transit options, located within 30 minutes of two major airports, has every type of restaurant imaginable ….Sharyn loves spending time in Arlington saying “life in NoVa is Urban Suburban Awesomeness!”  

Eco Friendly 3 Apple Tour of Arlington & Georgetown `

8:30 - 9:15 am we’ll have a continental breakfast featuring in locally sourced products served at my Rosslyn Studio that has panoramic views from the Kennedy Center to the Washington DC Monuments to the Pentagon to Amazon’s National Landing. 

9:15-11am We’ll then walk to the metro (6-8 minute walk) and take the train to Pentagon City where we’ll walk to the Apple Store in the newly renovated Pentagon City Mall afterwards we’ll head over to Pentagon Row and walk by apartments located in the hub of National Landing.  We’ll walk by a local grocery store so relocates can see the amenities offered in the Pentagon City community. 

11:30am we’ll take the bus to Clarendon and see the Artsy Columbia Pike community known for it’s farmers market & mom & pop diners all from the comfort of an Arlington County Eco Friendly public bus.  

12-1:45pm we’ll walk part loads of apartments and condos located in a trendy community known for microbrews and a HUGE Whole Foods.  In less than 1/2 mile we’ll be at our 2nd Apple store in the Clarendon community: There we’ll take a break for lunch and meetup at 1:45 to Uber to our next destination.

2pm we’ll be at the 3rd Apple in Georgetown.  After a 20-30 minute orientation tour of the community ppl will be able to stay and enjoy the harbor side or walk back to Rosslyn (less than a mile) with the relocation guide.  By the end of the day the relocates will have seen 3 popular areas located near Amazon’s National Landing. 

3:30pm Tour Ends

This tour is geared for people who want to know the neighborhoods BEFORE they purchase a home.  

This Tour is for a Maximum of 6 ppl ALL transportation cost are included.  The itinerary/forms of transit may change based on based transit delays/construction.  

80 pp via AirBnB experiences
$300 for a private to

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