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James Comey Tell the Memphis FBI That the Locals in Williamson County Tennessee are Sick & Tired of the ALL the Corruption... When are You Gonna Bust the Evil Auto Execs That Committed FRAUD?I need help recovering from PTSD that was triggered by ALL the drama & I'm looking at rehab centers that help with PTSD so I'm gonna ask NISSAN, Gannett the State of Tennessee and the CIA

This was sent to me from a woman in Franklin TN... evidently ppl are really fed-up with corruption. Guess I was just premature in my "moral outburst"....  ppl know the state is a cesspool of cronyism & corruption & NISSAN is a BIG reason why:):) 

This was my card last year & this year iSent out Festivus cards to people that committed fraud & bullied me. 

NISSAN Corp Security Chief Rob Traynham said in court I was declared a TOP security threat to NISSAN (HELLO i was the relocation consultant).

Then NISSAN Rob said I
 just wanted to sue. Well if what I've done since started whistleblowing in 2009 were about money then when Mark Stout the VP of HR offered to give me a check in 2009 I would 
have taken the money.  Call me i've got proof 615-944-7599.

NISSAN used the Justice system to discredit a whistle blower. I was told corrupt ppl in Tn Gaslighted me & SLAPP happened to me in TN 

Kim Helper let NISSAN pay the Ex-DA Joe Baugh  to “baby sit" my the States case.

NISSAN paid for the ex Williamson County DA  Joe Baugh to represent them as “victims” of harassment. YES!! a corporation who was upset i sent emails telling them to stop discriminating & to stop committing fraud. said i was harassing them. 

FBI what about the laws they broke? 

The NISSAN lawyer called my 1st lawyer and "scared him away”… i have PROOF & so does the FBI. I could NOT find any lawyer in Tennessee except for Kline Preston to represent me. (later i learned he had a conflict of interest) & worse 2 days before my trial I was told Kline had a porn problem and was gonna “let the ADA win, at the last minute i represented myself.  I was just told since i was under “duress” and can prove that I can ask for a NEW trial in TN  I was jailed 3 times suffered 19 months in the courts & a jury convicted of the lowest level misdemeanor  (maximum penalty of $50). NISSAN has spent over 1 million on lawyers fighting me.... probably using American taxpayer money.  

I need help recovering from ALL the drama & I'm looking at rehab centers that help with PTSD so I'm gonna ask NISSAN, Gannett the State of Tennessee and the CIA 

Below is a BLAST from the past... I took it off a blog that I'm tweaking... The ACLU helped my a little BUT it took a LONG time to get get the trumped up charges dropped.  I need help recovering from PTSD that was triggered by ALL the drama & I'm looking at rehab centers that help with PTSD so I'm gonna ask NISSAN, Gannett the State of Tennessee and the CIA 

Viewers & Hedy Weinberg:

A long time ago I contacted the TN ACLU and they ignored me.

About a year ago after suffering 3 arrests for a 1st time misdemeaner that was "sworn out" by a man I documented harassing me for OVER a year prior.  After 15 months of court appearances the DA still has no evidence that I did anything wrong (my lawyer received NOTHING during discovery).Still I've been fighting these charges for OVER 15 months.   My life is in limbo and harassment for whistle blowing still happens.

Last week Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean told me to "avoid the middle men"& contact Hedy Weinberg the lady in charge.   She will understand the need of the ACLU in reference to what has happened to a whistle blower in Tennessee.

I will do that tomorrow, thank you Mark Silverman.
On 7-7-10 
I was taken by handcuffs without a warrant~was not fed for almost 6 hours~could not make a call to get someone to look after my child (they told me I had to be "booked" first but the needed someone to sign the warrant, and the deputy told me that was taking a "long" time)~30 hours after my release I still had bruises on my wrist/arm~almost 48 hours after my arrest I had the bruises looked at by a professional who will testify they existed~WORSE while in jail I was left alone in a cell with a woman arrested for assault with a lethal weapon.

"thought" to TN Lets not put any more "non violent"  quite possibly "falsely accused" people in cells alone with VIOLENT accused people..  It's called   "common sense".

I watched Rob from NISSAN legal "bullied" the police into "taking me away".   It was WRONG!!!   I texted Carlos Tavares immediately after I was released on wednesday.  Friday "late night" (2 days after) I posted that I texted Mr. Tavares on my Linkedin public profile and Immediately a warrant was issued for my arrest. If Mr. Tavares knew I had been in jail and wanted that to happen that warrant would have happened on wednesday.  I was able to "prove" Rob from legal was acting NOT in the best interest of NISSAN but in the best interest of the corrupt "Good Ole Boy" network.  Admittedly my Bond said I could not contact a NISSAN employee yet I need to tell Mr. Tavares what his people were doing to me. THEY THREW ME IN JAIL  and took away MY human rights.  Mr. Tavares was the only person that could stop them.  Interesting that  warrant put out for my arrest.. They did NOT tell me, they did NOT tell my bail bonds company "Grumpy's" they told someone else just to humiliate and harass me.

Rob is wearing the white shirt.....  The police questioned the validity of the year old cease and desist.  FYI  - the main purpose of the cease and desist was to "scare" me from stopping my website 

Instead of getting "scared" (Rob told them to do that) I do got MAD !!!!  I'm an American who was imprisoned for using my Freedom of Speech. 

At NISSAN North America I was told "Skirts Don't Speak" ......40 years ago my mom took me to marches to fight for women's rights.  During my "college" days she took me to a mentoring brunch where  Dianne Feinstein talked to daughters of elected officials about taking the "torch" for the next generation of women. That morning  I asked her "what happens if nobody is listening"  she said.."keep talking".  Well I've done that & its been tough, but I'm doing the best that I can.  

Thank you Dianne Feinstein for giving me that advice, it was needed in TN 2009/2010.

Senator YOU inspire me.

Sharyn Bovat  

written in June 2010 

My Letter to the ACLU

To ACLU of Tennessee 
Please read and respond.  This matter could become high profile and help in promoting human rights in America. 
I never wanted to "go public" but it seems like it's time.
My name is Sharyn Bovat and I'm been fighting a "Good Ole Boy" Network at Nissan North America for over a year.  The Human resources leadership discriminated and while I was working with Carlos Tavares the new EVP from Japan I told him about the "Good Ole Boys" plan to fire the Californians 1st during the cutbacks in 2009 and that women were being replaced with their unqualified buddies.  I told him of discrimination and that got HR mad and they first offered me money to be silent and when I told them I would tell Tavares they bullied and harassed me.  They're intimidation techniques made me mad and I put up a fight and became a louder whistleblower.  
For over a year I exposed a lot & the NISSAN HR leadership wasted money given to the company from the taxpayers of Tennessee.  I knew this because I was a top relocation consultant for middle Tennessee for over 3 years.  I saw LOTS of unethical business transactions and recently found out some could be criminal.   
Initial investigation shows that some land deals were done before Nissan made the announcement to relocate to TN so I believe that is called "insider" information.  After talking to an "asset" investigator I learned that easily a "bunch" of these good ole boys could be taken down.  If the state did an "audit" of all real estate transactions starting 8 months prior to Nissans official announcement, then property could be seized that was obtained with insider information and then sold and the proceeds could go back to the community.  
Better yet: After looking into options on that matter "criminal" prosecution could be done to "prove that point" and that would only make my "civil" case stronger.   For the criminal I believe it will have to go to the Attorney Generals office.   FYI  some prominent community leaders could be implicated.  This could be "big".   We need to get that investigation started if the state chooses to go in that direction.   My fear is the state will worry it makes them look bad to have so many "corrupt" people when there trying to recruit businesses to move to TN.  In that case I would just proceed with the civil action. 
Bottom Line: Nissans own statistics show that while the good ole boys were in charge 30% of the women in management lost there jobs.  In California Nissan had 20% women in middle management and above in 2007 after the movet they had 14% and 2009 when Mark Stout & Marlin Chapman were in charge only 10%  so that's actually a 50% decline in women just by moving to TN.    (Nissan internal stats show discrimination was worse... Women in management at NISSAN were 20.9% and 10% in 2009 when I they are at 12%)HR leadership told me directly "they protect their own".  When I asked about the unqualified man in charge of relocation they said  the other manager a woman with an Hispanic name was "booted out for show".  I was told on the executive floor at Nissan North America "Skirts Don't Speak" 
Anyway, during my battle against discrimination I did this on a website ironically called   it's still active.   Last year I was called into meeting 4 times with top HR leadership at NISSAN 2 of those meeting on the executive floor.   They said I'd have a  job "if I could be a team player"  I would not do something unethical and  they made my life miserable and did not return my reference calls or help me with training like they had promised.

It's a LONG Whistleblower story but almost a year ago they had "rob" from legal harass me in front of the office and he had men in trucks just standing only there to scare me.   My hope was to fight this internally with NISSAN and eventfully go back to work but there is a statute of limitations and I must file a lawsuit.  
I want an attorney that will make it clear my lawsuit is about treating people with respect and that companies should not discriminate against women or ANYBODY.
Can you recommend a "high profile" lawyer that is willing to do some publicity for this cause.   It's important that the message get communicated.        
Thank you very much
Sharyn Bovat

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