Tuesday, June 9, 2015

James Comey Please Tell the FBI That I'm Happy Their Investigating ISSUES & My Hope is Justice is Gonna Happen. I Figured Out How To Get Mainstream Media Exposure Too:):) I Want the Lockerbie Bombing Truth Told .... Do I "Really" Have to Do the Full Monty to Get It?

Yes i posed nude with a few props covering my private parts to expose unlawful surveillance, abuse to whistleblowers, the fact global warming is real, the problems at GITMO & more.....  It seems like in America if you don't do something "extreme" the MSM will ignore it.  Does anyone have a old timer fragment I can use for my next photo shoot? I'm gonna expose the CIA planted one using my...... It's time for the truth about the Lockerbie Bombing & how the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn profited from a CIA cover-up. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: I'm gonna be vindicated, I talked to former FBI #2 & Uncle Bill Would've been denied membership into CLUB and I'm NOT blogging about new info given to me about Uncle Bill and his role with CIA drug trafficking, the Lockerbie Cover-up & I forgive you. 
Date: June 9, 2015 at 1:47:07 PM CDT
To: jogthru <>, Claudia Cojocar <>, "Kyle A. Krasa" <>, Michael Dorris <>, Mark Silverman <>, Heather Bovat <>, Jim Gammon <>


Ya’ll can now tell people I’m crazy (I’m not & I was told my reaction to my being left out of Mom’s decision making is retaliation for my whistleblowing). 

On my 50th birthday I gave myself the gift of being able to forgive.  I forgive ALL of you for abusing & or knowing abuse was done to me and remaining silent:  
NOW I’d really like an update and to know WHY she has two lawyers and are the lawyers sucking money out of mom’s estate? 

As you people know I don’t know who my bio dad is BUT i always thought it was Dad’s boss …  NOW  (please sit down & get a cocktail) some people in the CIA think I could be an illegitimate Kennedy my life is beyond bizarre & I NEVER thought it was true & still 95% it’s not.  Papa worked with a LOT of people involved with the JFK cover-up and in 1964 Robert Kennedy was a target by those aligned with the CIA.  John McCone was part of a MIC/CIA clique. A lot of NeoLib stuff was part of the fabric of the Monterey Peninsula Country Club Operation Condor Inc. 
FYI Mom ONLY said in front of me 1 time that I was & that was when we were in Lisbon. I think she was working on a democracy thing & she used me as leverage. i don’t know why she did what she did. I assume she did it to help America. 3 different ppl with top security clearances have told me issues about our family & a Kennedy biographer is aware papa played a role in the cover-up. A person that working on the release of docs ( the Archives had the Kennedy docs that implicate the CIA and they will be released in 2017). It’s obvious people really do think I could be a bio-Kennedy and what scares the CIA is that if I am than it shows 100% they are complicit in the JFK “deal”…. I was told if I every insisted on a DNA test I’d be dead and cremated. ALL the odd things that have happened to me could be linked to this. I think people that have watched me get abuse help me because they know NONE of you will (Which is OK cause had anyone of you helped me you too would have been bullied “I get it”). 

Yes!!!  I did talked to a former FBI #2 who confirmed issues with Pan Am & CIA drug trafficking. I’m NOT blogging about them cause it’s really hurtful. The fact is the Lockerbie Bombing truth is declassified and will be public. I’ve been told that SNOWDEN sent docs showing the truth (it’s part of the gazillion files that went to the Guardian) I think he’s a HERO:):) 

Anyway It seems as if Uncle Bill would’ve been denied membership into the club and that’s why Mom got it from Papa.  I’m just tying to stop the harassment done to 
me & I’ve completed the 1st of 7 books showing I was involved with CIA stuff. I’ve been told the 1st one is really good because it shows WHY & HOW I’ve been abused. I’m still scattered but I got all the docs I need to put together “more than probable cause” for why I’ve been terrorized.   I’m using the books to try to get resolution.

Have a great day!!

Sharyn Bovat
Voice of a Moderate

Below is from Stephen Maroon the former Best Friend of CIA Super Spook Brian Kelly & he didn't tell me until AFTER he dated me for 4 months that he had met my mom.  

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