Tuesday, January 13, 2015

James Comey Did YOU See This Conversation Between Me & Seema Sapra the "Living in Fear" General Electric Whistleblower? I KNOW Jeffrey Immelt Linked to Carlos Ghosn (I Did NOT Think the CEO of GE Was as Corrupt BUT Nothing Surprises Me) I Would Hope America Offers More Protection to Seema Sapra in India for Being a Whistleblower ... It Looks Like the US Embassy Has Already Intervened

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 2:43 PM, Seema Sapra <>wrote:
To the President of the United States, the SEC, the FBI, the DOJ, Mr John Kerry (Secretary of State), and Mr Richard Verma (US Ambassador to India), 


To the President and Prime Minister of India, and the Chief Justice of India and the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court,


To all others,

I continue to be poisoned.

After I sent the email at 4 33 am this morning, toxic fumes continued to be released into my room for the next 3-4 hours at intervals. 

Toxic fumes continue to be released into my accommodation through the day today as well at intervals. 

If you read the court record, it becomes clear why I am being targeted and the threat that I pose to top level leadership at General Electric because of my having exposed corruption, fraud, bribery, forgery, illegal lobbying, tender manipulation, FCPA violations and obstruction of justice by General Electric executives and lawyers in connection with multi-billion USD Indian rail tenders, and specifically the project and tenders for the proposed diesel locomotive factory at Marhowra. 

Read also how General Electric has failed to respond to a Delhi High Court summons and someone has been used to file unauthorized & false affidavits without authority documents. This itself is a very grave obstruction of justice and corporate mis-governance charge and clearly implicates lawyers working for General Electric including Brackett Denniston, Alexander Dimitrief and Bradford Berenson. 

I urge you to first read the following 4 court documents. 


I was threatened by Jeff Eglash a lawyer from GE in January 2011. I was threatened by an Indian lawyer Soli Sorabjee in March 2011 & told that if I pursued my complaints against GE, my health would be destroyed. Soli Sorabjee's daughter Zia Mody is purportedly GE's lawyer for my case. 

The threat to my life includes the threat to destroy my health, my organs and my body in order to incapacitate me. 

I have been drugged and poisoned since June 2010. My lungs have been destroyed. 

My foot was deliberately dislocated in June 2014 by a doctor in an attempt to force me into surgery as part of attempts to eliminate me. I still have a dislocated ankle. 

An attempt was made to falsely diagnose me with thyroid cancer using doctors in August 2011 after I complained of poisoning. My medical records at the time indicated ethylene glycol poisoning. And there is much more. 

Evidence for all of the above is on the court record. 

I believe the current attempt is to poison my lungs to make me ill during the winter and then doctors can be used to eliminate me saying I have something like swine flu. 

I have managed to avoid falling ill thus far this winter. 

I have also been targeted with nerve agents and organophosphates. 

The fact that I am still alive does not mean that I have not been poisoned and that I do not continue to be poisoned. I am ready to undergo tests for poisoning in a US facility under US authorities supervision. 

Exposing me to chemicals is also a form of mental and physical torture. General Electric wants me to break down mentally. 

I ask all of you to read the attached court documents, my blog at and my tweets at @SeemaSapraLaw

Jeffrey Immelt wants me dead.

I again request for witness protection from the United States government.

The court record in the whistleblower corruption case against General Electric Company is attached.

Seema Sapra 

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