Monday, July 28, 2014

Carlos Tavares Tell Your Chairman of the Board Louis Gallois HELLO & I Hope My Last Blog Post Helped His Ex Airbus Colleagues & Boeing Too... I Want ALL Jumbo Jets Safe Along With RESPECT for ALL PEOPLE - Can YOU Please Tell Scott Becker I'm a "Change Agent"... That Man is a "bit" Slow:):) Heck John Martin Had a Friend Call Me After He Had Meeting on the Exec Floor in Yokohama- Want To Hear Chris Haley of Vantec's Voice Mail to ME in 2012....:):) He Said People in Japan Said "Your the BEST"... Why Would They Do "That" When NISSAN North America Was Hiring Lawyers (Joe Baugh) to Baby Sit the DA (Kim Helper) & then Brigid Carpenter From Baker Donelson to Bully Me .... Terry Wood the ADA "lied" in an Affidavit and He should Go to JAIL... Mike Dorris at Credit Suisse YOU Tell James Comey I Want What I Was PROMISED By the DOJ and "That's" if I Could NOT Get Justice Civilly & Prove the Need for RICO I'd Get RICO... Todd McCall It's NEEDED In Tennessee

“This is a political animal but ... the fact of the matter is MH17 changed everything, and that was very nearly in European airspace,” ....“We cannot continue to say, ‘Well it’s a political thing’. We have to do something. We have to take the bull by the horns."          Tim Clark CEO of Emirates (July 28th)
Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Purple Alert Needs App & wants to Help Al Gore Get GOP Support for Climate Change... Also the DOD Needs Another Blogger Intel about Surface to Air Missiles... We Have to STOP Chalabi Before I Go to Disnyworld Too....
Date: July 28, 2014 at 11:29:31 AM CDT
To: Annie Meenan <>, Sheryl So <>
Cc: Mark Silverman <>,, Michael Dorris <>,,,,,

Tell your “Visionary” I Just Helped STOP planes from flying over Iraq…..Also I’m taking my child to Disneyworld on Friday & want NO NEW Info leaked to me for 9 days…. “get it”... 

FYI- I’m bought Domain  I want to use that to help CodePink get “conservative” support for some of their causes that are ignored by the GOP.
INCLUDING climate change…..   I need a purple app too….   Maybe if I get a press pass to DreamForce i can “network”…. did you ask AL yet?

Just Have to Show Ya'll Proof that "1" Woman - "1" Blogger - "1" Activist can make a difference.

Carlos Tavares the CEO of Peugeot has a Chairman of of the Board that's former Airbus - He knows "my intel" is grade A...

Carlos Ghosn the CEO of NISSAN/Renault - My issue with them is they "own" AutoVaz that's Putin's Car maker.... The EV and Driverless tech is gonna be used in Russian drones and Missiles & we've seen HOW careful Putin is with his weapons... That man should stick to his narcissist photo ops...

Look at what happened 2 days after I blogged about the Rogue Russian Rockets

Militants with missiles fears prompt flight path changes in MH17’s wake

Sir Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates, said he believed that other carriers would follow suit, as the airline industry began a review of the way it assessed the risk of flying over conflict zones after the Malaysia Airlines disaster in Ukraine. The loss of Flight MH17 was attributed to a surface-to-air missile fired by pro-Russian separatists.

By the end of the year airlines will have devised a system to share information with each other about contentious flight paths, Sir Tim said. Greater input from government intelligence agencies about what airspace is considered risky would also be welcome, regardless of the political sensitivities about one country warning about another’s airspace, the British president of the Dubai-based airline said."
Emirates axes flights over Iraq in wake of MH17 missile strike ..A major international airline has axed flights over Iraq due to concerns about missile strikes following the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

NOW I would hope planes flying over 35K are Safe... Lets hope the CIA is working on it?   Better yet the FBI Counter Intelligence gals... & guys:):) 

This is What Inspires me ... 
PLUS I'm waiting for Dan Meyer to Help....?

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