Monday, June 2, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI It's My Birthday on Wednesday .. Can You Bust the Bad Guys That Day? Including Howard Baker and Brigid Carpenter from Baker Donelson ... That lawyer Bullied Me and I Have PROOF Baker Donelson Looked at My Website the Day I Was Arrested (the First time) in 2010... I Was Jailed 3 Times on Trumped Up Charges Just to Protect the Good Ole Boy Network That's Destroyed the World. I Have Webstats That Show FRANCE Wanted "Deals Done" Hidden Too.. Getting Those in Tennessee That Harmed my Child Would Be Better Than a Birthday Cake:):) This Explains NISSAN Illegally Taking Money from USA and the Tennessee Governors Family To... It's a Message to a Tennessee Blogger Named Ken Marrero... He's The Blue Collar Muse

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