Saturday, June 28, 2014

James Comey I Proved the Need for RICO... Damnit Lets Send Some NISSAN Execs to JAIL ***UPDATE*** Howard Baker is NOW With His Friend Marvin Runyon Who Was President of NISSAN North America - Many are Sad But Hundreds of People are Dancing with Joy... Just Like When Saddam Was GONE....

The PREMATURE launch of the Electric Car was a "False Flag" done to keep America dependent on oil from the Middle East and Russia.  NISSAN was using "outdated" battery tech they knew was NOT sustainable.  I had insiders that knew the original leaf cost 80+K to make and NOW it only cost 60K but the batteries are STILL old tech.  People at the DOD fear NISSAN getting new tech cause that tech is used in weapons systems.  Driverless car tech is used in Drones.  NOBODY could understand WHY Congress gave American taxpayer money to fuel Khomeini & Putin.  The fact is America was "duped" by people linked to Haley Barbour and a Good Ole Boy network that have dominated GOP politics since the 1979 Khomeini deal to "oust" Carter.  

There goal was to have so much money wasted on outdated and non compliant tech (they spent buckets of money and did not even have an EV charging standard... Hundreds of millions of Level 3 chargers ONLY work on Japanese EV's & are getting dusty cause not many are using them). Due to the chaos  Congress would not spend money for EV's for another generation. THAT is how America will be dependent on foreign oil.  I say to "spank" those that fuel terrorism lets buy fuel efficient AMERICAN made cars & send Haley Barbour to jail along with other for FRAUD... Virginia might need a NEW Governor?

Ya'll  That is WHY when I whistle blew I was treated so harshly.. they knew I had contacts & needed to discredit me... Well thanks to the internet I'm speaking LOUDER than ever and Haley Barbour and his sleazy green tech solar deals won't stop America from becoming Energy Independed.  We will not bow to the Middle East Like Haley Barbour and Carlos Ghosn want... America will become STRONGER and those that abused America by wasting so much taxpayer money on tech they KNEW would fail & Scott Becker and Dominique Thormann LIED to Congress they should go to jail.. Tracy Woodard should go to jail. David Reuter should go to jail, Nill Krueger should go to jail, Eric Marx should go to jail.  America deserves RESPECT and dammit I'm gonna prove that NISSAN's intentions were bad and a HELL of a lot of bloggers will file FOIA request to find out HOW the 1.4 Billion US tax dollars taken by NISSAN was spent and HOW it's gonna be REPAID....   An Audit needs to be done.  There was a MURDER at the NISSAN plant in Smyrna that the police did NOT investigate and I want to know WHY?

Why is taxpayer money used to honor a CROOK and a CRIMINAL?

"..In Tennessee, Baker was remembered as a favorite son who helped build the Republican Party into the force that it is today. ..."  The Knoxville News

"I agree with Michael Collins of the Knoxville News Howard Baker is responsible for the "way" the GOP is today...."  Sharyn Bovat

The GOP is now officially the party of 'get the hell out'

Washington Post (blog)-21 hours ago
One way to understand what happened here is to 

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