Monday, March 3, 2014

Dan Meyer the Holder of the Job that Obama Created to Help Whistleblowers....I'd Like to Think I'm ONE of the People The White House Wants to Help?

 I was told that Baker Donelson used NISSAN as a "proxy"...   Howard Baker KNEW my family and KNEW that I had "good data".... I have a child who was bullied for over 5 years... if you don't want to help me - help her? She needs her mommy to get a job and to get out of her life... her dad is tired of the excessive surveillance done to me.  It's just HORRIBLE!!!!

The people aligned with Tony Blair want to keep Lockerbie Bombing issues covered up.
I met the Palestinian money launderer that worked for the Iranian National Guard.  DIA said it was NOT classified.  Gannett won't report it...  In America that is....

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