Monday, March 10, 2014

***UPDATE*** Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson "Happy Monday" & YOU Better Tell Your Client NISSAN I'm Getting Ready to LINK the CEO Carlos Ghosn to CIA "Backed" Drug Trafficking. I've Already Told the Feds...... Since Carlos Ghosn is ALSO the Chairman of Russian Autovaz and is "In Bed" with Putin they Might Really Investigate.. James Comey of the FBI My Ex Lawyer That LIED to Me is "In Bed" with Putin Too.... Was is JUST Kline Preston that Conspired with NISSAN or Did Baker Donelson Conspire To? I Want JUSTICE for the Whistleblower....

OK.... CIA smear campaigns usually come in "spurts".... Gore was slandered by the CIA in a tabloid on June 24th 2010 (again the issue was trumped up from an incident with no merit that happened in 2006) & I was 1st arrested on trumped up charges on July 7th 2010. I was told Al Jazeera has motivation to expose the Lockerbie Truth.... the people responsible are connected to Howard Baker & the Reagan team that conspired against Libya.... I'm still confused BUT I'm sure others can add dots. FYI- Gaddafi was mean horrible person and deserved to be killed & ousted. My obsession on this topic stems from wanting Justice for the murders of Sonny Bono & Margaret Lesher they happened in 1997 & early 1998. BOTH would not have approved the framing of an innocent man..... I have valid suspicions on both murders and when I gave my evidence and theory to people that could investigate they believed me & others for saying that probable cause existed but they can't be investigated do to "politics"... That means that in America if you piss off the wrong people you can die with NO investigation. When i had multiple death threats I took them seriously & was told to keep blogging until I'm safe.... Although after hearing from a relative of President Obama's I feel somewhat safer....

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