Friday, March 7, 2014

***UPDATE*** James Comey Tell The FBI to Investigate Carlos Ghosn for Cover Up Profiteering... PLEASE... He's In Bed With Putin!!! Brigid Carpenter, Howard Baker of Baker Donelson and the NISSAN Elite.... Good News!! I Talked to Oliver North Today and He Remembers My Family.... Tell Carlos Ghosn We Can Clear ALL This Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Stuff Up... This Way YOU Won't Have to Deal with My Ranting and I Can Get My Reputation Back AFTER You Bullied Me and "Outed Me" for My CIA Past...... Hello... It's Time to Treat the Whistleblower with RESPECT... I'm Telling Dan Meyer Too...

NISSAN-Baker Donelson & the American people... the stress my mom has been under since people aligned with Howard Baker and the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn jailed me 3 times on "trumped up" charges has taken a toll on my mom.. Sure she's a former CIA operative but she's HUMAN. She has not seen her daughter me in about 3 years and she has Alzheimers... I've heard she's losing it quickly. I love my mom BUT can't see her until ALL this is resolved.  I have NOT talked to my Uncle Bill Frisbie who was Chief Pilot of Pan Am in about 3 years too. 

I want it known that NOBODY in my family NEVER-EVER profited from the cover up of the Lockerbie crash. My grandfather did NOT allow for profiteering. All we did is what we were told.  Just like Oliver North - he did what he was told.    Please... someone in America help my family who for 3 generation served "the greater good"... I need someone from Health and Human Services help out my mom... She needs assistance & sadly I can't do it... I had a lot of fun today - still I cried "a lot".... Best part about having ADD is not remembering the bad stuff and simply being able to "move forward"... still I need help & want RESOLUTION.. My mom needs to know that her child will be ok.


 Mr. North, I was one of the researchers that collected data used to "restore your image" & it looks like I did a great job:):)

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