Monday, January 27, 2014

DOD & NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat Communicates to Paul Fishman US Attorney & James Comey FBI Issues Linked to Chris Christie - NRG - NISSAN Leaf- Carlos Ghosn - Bond FRAUD and Asks IF Ryan Loskarn Was Bullied Into Killing Himself? Investigations NEED to Happen

Hello it's Sharyn Bovat I had to make a last minute trip to DC.  The NJ US Attorney is investigating issues that I have information about. This is in reference to the Chris Christie issues involving bond abuse/redevelopment $$ bullying.  IT was a last minute trip because  for the first time a door is open to expose this corruption.

 FYI- A man that I spoked to in December about the fraud was arrested a week later.  I was told  he might have been framed. He was the Chief of Staff for US Senator Lamar Alexander. He was charged with buying porn in 2010 & the feds did not arrest him due to ongoing Operation Spade investigations  BUT he became Chief of Staff in 2012 and I was told that there's NO WAY he could have passed a security clearance for his 169K a year position & they delayed his indictment until Feb 10th…. most likely he was going to "rat out" people.  NOW he's dead.   I'm really upset…. He cold have been guilty of what he was accused but it's really fishy.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

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