Saturday, January 11, 2014

NEW NEW UPDATE- Audio Coming Soon Too… **UPDATE*** Photo Added & CLARIFICATION ***Update*** David Silverman I Need a Job and My Daddy is NOT Alive to Get Them for Me… Unlike YOU I Gotta Fight for Me …. It's Gonna Get UGLY

we stopped sleeping together about 2 months ago… 
Text Messages Between me and the Pulitzer Prize nominee and Ben Bradlee Winner Mark Silverman 

Look at this National Press Club Awards Banquet Andrea Mitchell got an award too..

What Gannett & Mark Silverman did to me was a form of RAPE!!! until recently I never understood.  NOW I'm MAD!!!
Picture taken with Mark Silverman December 2013

Also I found out that was done to me by Mark Silverman & Gannett was a form of psychological abuse: Mark knew he was the ONLY person to help me & I was vulnerable when I whistle blew and he played with my emotions. Worse he's motives could have been financial.  The FBI needs to investigate.


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