Thursday, November 28, 2013

James Comey & the FBI Audio Tapes SHOWING Racism and FBI Corruption Have been distributed - NO need to kill me... others have them.

Looks like were going to find out Buck Revell was Linked to Tennessee Elites that Were Part of the Bullying/Cover Up of Martin Luther King…Some say he was part of the JFK "cover up" too…Sadly it appears the FBI involved with the Lockerbie Cover Up was RACIST 

I want an INVESTIGATION!!!  America DESERVES that…. I'm gonna meet with Black Caucus staffers to get one.

Were gonna get the Lockerbie truth even if it mean exposing evil FBI from the 90's.
It's time for RESPECT!!!

Have a great day!!


Frank Duggan "if" Im wrong YOU tell me…. Do you want to go on "talk radio"  you can call me a "crank"…..   Time to tell the TRUTH Frank:):) 

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From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: Audio Tapes Showing FBI Suppressed Evidence in the Late 90's… SAME Judges that ABUSED Martin Luther King & email from Sept 19th 2011 that I emailed Gannett about the IRAN Issue….& I was still persecuted in the Tennessee courts and NOW I learned Judges linked to FBI that Quashed Martin Luther King Justice…..
Date: November 28, 2013 7:26:27 PM CST

Audio Tapes SHOWING Racism and FBI Corruption Have been distributed - NO need to kill me... others have them.

This man Earlie Story has been abused by the SAME judges that helped the FBI in bullying Martin Luther King and the SAME judges that did NOT provide justice to his family (MLK) after his murder.
I was told information about the assassination of MLK that makes me ashamed to be an American   

Reid Weingarten - Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'm Going to Deliver a Packet to YOUR Office Next Week We Need YOUR Pro Bono Team to Get Earlie Story JUSTICE. He Was Bullied By the SAME People That Bullied Martin Luther King, I Can PROVE That... It's Tennessee Courts Based.... Tennessee is a "Hub of Hate" and the Governor Bill Haslam Appointed Judges that are KKK Connected. Isn't Eric Holder YOUR Friend?

Sept 19th 2011 I emailed Gannett  about the IRAN Issue….& I was still persecuted in the Tennessee courts and NOW I learned Judges linked to FBI that Quashed Martin Luther King Justice…..Begin forwarded message:

From: "Silverman, Mark" <>
Subject: RE: here's more
Date: September 19, 2011 11:51:07 AM CDT

Good stuff. The hearing will be looking for more on the court system than on Nissan, and this is a good way to move from the overall stuff at the start to the specifics about the courts, lawyers, etc.
From: []
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 12:31 PM
To: Silverman, Mark
Subject: here's more
I’ve been blogging about wasted spending of taxpayer money since June 2009
I believe NISSAN  and those profiting from the DOE funded project wanted my discredited & put pressure on the Tennessee courts to keep the whistle blower silent:   Had I NOT spent 14 months + battle a “trumped up” 1st time misdemeanor in the Tennessee courts kept me from filing a False Claims lawsuit on behalf of the American taxpayers.
A first time misdemeanor that originated from a “sworn out” warrant by a NISSAN executive
(a man who I had blogged for a year prior as harassing her for over a year prior to the arrest) was used with NO court order to have 6 Franklin police cars  haul me an unarmed relocation consultant to jail.   
For over 14 months I’ve endured numerous court appearances and many times had to represent myself, not by choice.
FYI-  In the beginning it was impossible to find a TN lawyer to represent me.   One lawyer after getting a call from a “special prosecutor” assigned to the prosecute me sent me this email:  
-----Original Message-----
To: sharynbovat <>
Sent: Fri, Aug 13, 2010 12:20 pm
Subject: Re: Fwd: sharyn bovat

While I understand that you have definitely been wronged, I do not feel that I can take on a case of this magnitude with my current schedule.

Thank you for your understanding. Good luck

With lawyers from Middle Tennessee NOT returning my calls I had to represent  myself at a preliminary hearing and even got one charge dropped.  I tried to explain to the DA’s office about my whistle blowing (they did not want to hear about it).    The charge was then brought back to life by the DA’s office during a Grand Jury.   I’ve been arrested and jailed 3 times.  
???  Why was a 1st time misdemeanor assigned to a Special Prosecutor, 2 assistant DA’s and now an Independent Prosecutor?  
???  Why has a relocation consultant who’s also a carpool mom, a woman with no criminal record endured excessive judicial & prosecution harassment?    
Believing in the American justice system I want to believe that the judges need to be reminded that behind each case brought before them are real people and some of them might have been telling the truth. I want to believe the judges in Tennessee have too many cases and do not have the time to focus on the facts.
My goal is for the Judiciary in Tennessee to stop “rubber stamping” cases and for each judge to put his/her glasses on and carefully look at the facts.   In my case I believe that if a judge spent time looking at the case then My life has been miserable; my child has suffered from the humiliation and harassment  her mommy has received in Tennessee.  
Soon the taxpayers will know that over 1 billion tax dollars were wasted on another one of President Obama’s pet projects via the DOE and the whistleblower who tried to communicate the problems was silenced by the TN courts.  
When the details come out about the bad spending of tax payer money happening at a foreign company taking American dollars maybe finally “change” at the DOE and in 2012 in the White House. 
America cannot fund companies that that do business in IRAN.  I was told that “if” NISSANwere to get better battery technology from the money given to them by the DOE then their Alliance partner Renault would share that with IRAN.  Already Renault car platform are used for Iranian missiles.  When I was in DC last week I learned that a better EV battery could be used in making weapons missile more powerful.  A smaller lighter weight battery would help guide a missile with MORE explosives further.     The “thought” of President Obama’s DOE giving over 1 billion dollars to a foreign company whose alliance partner deals with Iran is terrifying.   Sadly it’s real!!!    
God Bless America
Sharyn Bovat
Peace and Respect
Sharyn Bovat

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