Thursday, November 21, 2013

DOD Whistleblower Admits DIA Source Told Her MAJOR ISSUE & She Got Confused but GETS IT Now.. Maybe the DOD Needs a More "Technical" Whistleblower? James Clapper DNI & James Comey FBI - THIS Issue About Carlos Ghosn Being Putin's Weapon Parts "Technology Broker" is REAL and Congress STILL Gives NISSAN Money

 NISSAN is working on better technology using American scientist & programers in the Silicon Valley.  The problem is "that technology is used in weapons systems...& drones  I wonder if Putin's NEW drone is gonna have NISSAN technology?   The new head of NISSAN North American is a "foreign" born Nuclear scientist?   

If the Senate Intelligence does NOT do something with THIS... Then America should just "gracefully" hand the keys to the country to PUTIN. 

Munoz will become an

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