Tuesday, November 26, 2013

*** Correction in Yellow *** Carlos Tavares Formally of Renault Please Tell General Motors They needs to work with Peugeot on the IRAN Issue to ENSURE Technology Used in Weapons Does NOT Get in Iranian hands... Putin's Too...

“General Motors then exported a number of Camaros to Iran this summer, via Azerbaijan,” La Figaro 

Washington was seeking to “purge” the Iranian market in anticipation of reaching an agreement with Tehran over its nuclear programme,

A US-Iranian Chamber of Commerce is already being set up in Tehran.

My EU source says Qatar Prince made Hundreds of Millions off of American Stimulus programs & Americans whose 401k managers got into green tech late (without insider info) will now have a "lessor" quality retirement & Russia sells it weapons to those that harm us. How did this happen? The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn was "part" of that scam. Mr. Tavares knew and did NOT approve - BUT he was not CEO - luckily now he is & I'm sure he'll make ethical decisions. Did anyone see that Nissan North America got a "shake up" ?  

The Tennessee Governor's funders profit from PUTIN!!! 

The NISSAN issue is Keeping the TECHNOLOGY away from PUTIN… he sells a LOT of weapons to Iran & nurtures new conflicts. Auto parts are used in weapons. Renault/NISSAN cut a deal to own 74% of Russian Autovaz.  Russia has a LOT of oil & were part of the EV false flag. The goal is for America to "stay" dependent on oil. Billions of taxpayer $$$ wasted on EV's with outdated technology & chargers that will rarely be used. I was DIRECTLY told in 2010 that it will be a "generation" before another congress allows for so much money to be used in clean energy infrastructure & they will "win"… I was told by an EU analyst who worked for a Qatar prince that Al Gore was "used" at a patsy and they took his green credentials and played games with the stock market. He then figured that out & they compensated him with the Al Jazeera deal.  A lot of oil producing nations gave $$$ to start the EV related companies and they sold their stocks cashed in and made BIG profits when 401K portfolio managers purchased them. One Sheik mad a BILLION off off Americans who will now have a "lessor" quality retirement.Also I was told Warren Buffet did some deals too.  Some say he had insider information but that can't be proven because it seems like China really does want the EV. They bought our bankrupt companies and took that tech too.  Good News I hear China is not making weapons with auto tech the way Russia wants to.  

GM needs to work with Peugeot to ENSURE bad tech does not get into Iranian hands

PLEASE- investigate those that profiteered from the EV scam: also keep the tech away from Putin- He's the real threat to America. He makes the weapons- WHY has this not been addressed- HELLO His agenda to to have Russia become the next superpower

All Iranians want is"normalized" relations with the world. Still they can't have a N-Weapon & neither should Pakistan. 

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