Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sorry Charlie.... New York City is NOT Getting the NISSAN Taxi of Terror. Maybe We Can STOP NISSAN From Getting Federal Money to Make Innovative Auto Technology that's ALSO Used in Weapons Systems? The DOD Whistleblower Exposed NISSAN Carlos Ghosn Stacked the Deck Against Carlos Tavares at Renault: Carlos Ghosn You'll Have to Tell Your Iranian Born Mistress to Tell Khomeini to Look Elsewhere for Weapons Technology .Mouna Sepehri Got Some of Your Execs Mad When She Made Them SIt in the Jet Taking Them Home After a Long Work Week- They Had to Sit on the Tarmac- Where YOU Really Holding Up the Plane to Buy Shoes? If I'm Wrong Call Me- I Make Clarifications. Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

Sharyn Bovat was told that NISSAN could get the 

Pan Am treatment.... Thus when a company is 

deemed "unhealthy for society: Lots of regulations, 

zoning issues and other things make it IMPOSSIBLE 
for a company to succeed.  
Mayor Bloomberg’s legacy took a major hit Tuesday when a state judge slammed the brakes on his “Taxi of Tomorrow” plan that was set to debut on Oct. 28.
“The notion that New York City should have one exclusive ‘iconic’ New York City taxicab is a policy decision that is reserved for the City Council,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Sholomo Hagler said in his ruling.
Hagler found that the TLC “exceeded its authority” and the mayor “violated the separation of powers doctrine” by anointing the new Nissan as the yellow fleet’s official vehicle.   New York Post... link below

Judge blocks rollout of 'Taxi of Tomorrow'

New York Post - ‎17 hours ago‎
Taxi king Gene Friedman, head of the Greater New York Taxi Association, sued in July to halt the program. “I think this ruling is right on the money,” said Friedman's attorney, Steven Mintz. “I think it's something that we've seen across the board with Bloomberg ...

In the case of Pan Am it was tragic for so many good pilots and flight attendants from Pan Am to lose their pensions and benefits.   I remember the devestated look on my Uncle's face when things started crumbling for the airline that was once deemed "The Best"....   Sadly In 50 years Pan Am will be a trivia question that many won't be able to answer.... (that's about 2 generations) & If Carlos Ghosn keeps leading NISSAN into government deals -like the Leaf and Taxi of tomorrow since he seems to NOT focus on making "great cars" but acquiring auto technology that has "multiple purposes" like "self driving" technology that ALSO used in weapons systems... Like hiring American scientist to improve their battery technology from the 90's... (Nissan did tell congress in 2009 that they had an EV battery with 100 Miles Per Charge Range... People in DC tell me they did NOT know that the collateral for the 1.4 Billion NISSAN loan was a 2 Billion taxpayer backed Rutherford County IDB bond.  Now- Lamar Alexander "had to have known".... this needs to be investigated.   Then maybe What Was NISSAN?  Could also be a trivia question... Too many retirees at NISSAN are terrified on "what's happening" to them.  One person (whose very credible) said ENRON was just the "test drive" and that LOTS of energy fraud happened based on Carlos Ghosn glorifying his technology in 2009-2010.  The fact is the NISSAN sold Congress that he said during the companies relocation to Tennessee was "useless".... NISSAN did not offer relo deals to many that worked on EV technology.  Carlos Ghosn said it was a failure.. YET when access to a  1.4 Billion Dept. of Energy loan became available he dusted off the design for the EV battery- created "off shore" accounts for consultants working on the EV project.  An AUDIT needs to be done.  I've been told that there's NO WAY in hell Glenn Smith of the State Dept. DTCC office would have approved any application/form  for NISSAN getting taxpayer money "had" NISSAN really had the innovative technology they told congress.Looks like making NISSAN a trivia questions might be in the best interest of the GREATER GOOD.

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