Saturday, October 19, 2013

James Comey of the FBI - DOD Whistleblower PROVED Judicial Abuse Happened....NISSAN & The State Conspired Taking Away Rights of Whistleblower: My Oral Argument is Sloppy (I'm NOT an Articulate Lawyer) FYI- Baker Donelson was Respectful to Me THIS Time: Thank You Brigid Carpenter & Howard Baker:):) Luckily JUST With The Truth I Heard I Hit a Home Run...... PLEASE Do a RICO Investigation... Tennessee Needs a Divine Intervention..... That Means FEDERAL Action

Watch Part two.... I was told "you hit it out of the ball park.... & YES!!! your American rights were taken away in TN....."  Sir do you think "I did it".... ?  

NISSAN DID play a role in persecuting  Whistleblower
The Williamson County ADA Terry Wood LIED
this is part of an affidavit from ADA Terry Wood that contained MANY false facts

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