Sunday, October 13, 2013

James Comey Can the FBI Talk to a Woman Named Amy Burns Whose Been Abused in the Courts.... I'm Sick....

Please have the FBI contact Amy Burns... she has tried to get an investigation - she has a LOT of documents that show she was abused my the same judges I was in Tennessee..... I've got her # if you need it.  Sharyn 615-944-7599.  FYI- I can't talk much "if" i want to speak on Friday.... Good Ole Boys ... my silence is temporary... I took a shot in the butt (steroids) to guarentter I'd get my 15 minute oral argument.  I heard that my words will be part of the state archives...  I want it "on the record" that I've fought the corrupt Good Ole Boys for over 4 years and they did NOT scare me... OK I'm scared.. Still I'm gonna go to the "front line" of corruption... I'm going to America's cesspool (Tennessee) to speak for humanity and to try to get JUSTICE in the courts.... OMG!! All I want id to be treated in the courts with RESPECT and that means I get to do discovery .... I want depositions on WHY what happened to me happened.  That's all.. HAve a good night!  Sharyn

to Read about Amy Burns

Also- I've got a "new" investigative technique...called Facial Hair profiling.... It seems that the those connected to corruption inTennessee have goatees....   I'm serious.... 

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