Tuesday, October 1, 2013

*** Clarification- US Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue Linked to Haslam Trucking Scandal NOT Replaced... "YET" DOD Whistleblower Told To Sue Baker Donelson for Slandering Her... She'd RATHER Have the NEW FBI Director Do a CRiMINAL Investigation: Sharyn Bovat Wants Her Reputation Back. She Even Emailed That to Brigid Carpenter the NISSAN Lawyer from Baker Donelson: The DOD Whistleblower Wants The People That Destroyed Her Image & Helped Khomeini By Doing Business with IRAN & Sharing Technology with America's Enemies JAILED... They Did This with the Help of Timothy Geithner and the Federal Financing Bank: Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Howard Baker, Tom Ingram, Fred Thompson, & Bill Lacy Need to Be Questioned for TREASON. Carlos Ghosn The NISSAN CEO for FRAUD and His Participation in CIA Drug Trafficking and the Lockerbie Bombing. Also - Seems Like Those That Did Business with IRAN in the 80's are STILL Helping IRAN Today... Jimmy and Bill Haslam and Mike Loya of Vitol.... GAME ON!!! It's Time to RESPECT America. It's Time for the Memphis FBI Office to CARE About National Security. If the FBI Does NOT Investigate NISSAN and There Ties to IRAN THen THE ENTIRE Division Should Be FIRED!!!! James Comey I HOPE Is Fixing This... People Have told Me That Comey is Ethical and "Gets It" Thank You Jesus!!!!

The DOD Whistleblower (formally known as the NISSAN Whistleblower) just posted this on the Tennessean site.....

The (Haslam) case ruled on in Arkansas MIGHT be a false flag "lets get our reputation back fast" insider deal.  It was the Tennessean that reported the Lane Kidd story ... I just got a tip that the NOW future FORMER President of the US Chamber (Donahue...silently being replaced) used to the be President of the Trucking Association.  THIS SCANDAL is gonna break BIG TIME.  Haslam family does business with IRAN via Vitol Energy - Mike Loya is on the Board.  NISSAN does business with IRAN and the DOD whistleblower (formally the NISSAN Whistleblower)  is a former researcher for CIA operatives during the IRAN CONTRA era. 

Looks like Howard Baker of Baker Donelson KNEW members of Sharyn Bovat's family and NOW she can link the NISSAN CEO to CiA backed drug dealing....   Seems like people that did dirty deals in the 80's moved to Tennessee   Mike Curb is a "good guy" he was connected to the Military Industrial Complex through Walt Disney... it's weird... BUT Disneyland in the Cold War was used as a place for COMMON GROUND.  When that Russian leader really wanted to visit Disneyland (ind the late 50's early 60's?) he was indirectly saying he wanted PEACE TALKS.. the Good Ole Boys that ran the MIC ... wanted nothing to do with peace talks....  Having an enemy is the KEY to getting rich.....

Anyway:  Haslam is connected to those that did deals during IRAN CONTRA and he's still fueling Khomeini's pocketbook today by buying oil from a middle man that buys Iranian oil.  Loya skirts sanctions by doing business in Switzerland.  Haslam is linked to ex CIA that helped ex Nazis in South America....   Soon it will come out that Daddy Haslam (Jim Sr.) is not the good guy he pretended to be... In fact... he's a wheeler dealer like Al Gore's Daddy.   Look into Occidental Petroleum? 

Tennessee is a cesspool of corruption  #1 in the country and a guy who did surveillance at HCA told me it will take 2 generations to "clean up" Tennessee from the Good Ole Boy network and "if" your not connected you better move....

I wonder HOW long the corrupt Gannett owned Tennessean will keep this post up?

If I'm wrong about anything let me know and quickly I will make corrections.   My goal is to expose the truth and get the FBI to indict the Haslam family and their inhumane NISSAN executive allies. 

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