Monday, October 7, 2013

Carlos Ghosn is Gonna Get Exposed - Looks Like the Truth About the Lockerbie Bombing is Gonna Get Exposed. Thank You EVERYONE!!!! God Bless America :):)

"I’m tired of living in fear.  OMG!!! 3 men were accused of being spies at Renault, a holding company of NISSAN, one that helps the economy of IRAN.... a country that was involved with the Lockerbie bombing-OOPS...."
Sharyn Bovat the DOD Whistleblower

The above quote has been on a Sharyn blog for about 2+ years....  When you Google "Carlos Tavares Renault" whose the former  COO of Renault and  a former board member of Nissan  he's Sharyn Bovat's former client who she whistle-blew too) When Sharyn blogs about Lockerbie...LOT of viewers emerge from 5 continents...  

Today the woman who was silent for decades that only spoke because she was "outed" by NISSAN executives after she whistle blew about "their" unethical business behavior and for NISSAN fueling the Iranian economy...They put in the computer system that the relocation consultant was the #2 Seurity risk and "outed her  for doing IC research... 

Today Sharyn's life is still in danger... Lockerbie Cover Up profiteers want the whistleblower silent.  

Sharyn has a court date on October 18th in Nashville Tennessee: 

Bovat's been told that people connected to a Good Ole Boy network thatprofit from IRAN want to put a bullet in her brain... Tennessee has been named by the FBI as the most violent state in the USA.

 Tennessee has been named by the Daily Beast as the most  corrupt state.  If the Federal shutdown persist any longer the whistleblower fears for her life in Tennessee for "if" the Feds cant protect her due to lack of funding then in TN Sharyn ( a carpool mom that spoke up for humanity) is simply a "sitting duck".......

Good News  Yesterday it was reported in an AMERICAN publication the AMERICAN Intelligence Community reported that "Others" were involved with the Lockerbie Bombing.   Bovat's been lobbying members of Congress to RELEASE the TRUTH ... to make America healthy... She wants the NISSAN CEO exposed for his connections to CIA drug trafficking .... will that be next?  Today Sharyn is grateful for this step forward....

Pan Am Flight 103 bombing: A 25-year chronology of the investigation 6, 2013
21, 1988: Bomb destroys Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people in the air and on the ground. Among them are 35 ...
SU The Daily Orange (subscription)-19 hours ago 
“To this day, 25 years later, they convicted one guy and we know that he didn’t do it himself,” Duggan (President of Lockerbie Victims Group)
He said the group met with former FBI Director Robert Mueller for a briefing on the investigation before Mueller’s retirement in September. At the briefing, nearly 25 years after the actual bombing, Duggan said, Mueller promised to find who else was involved in the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing....Said Duggan: “We’ve been promised that by the U.S. government and I believe the U.S government is going to do the best they can to get to the bottom of that.”   
Thank You Jesus!!!!

"I believe that by making Libya the "sole" conspirator saved lives.... The Geo Political experts knew what they were doing and still work tirelessly to prevent NUCLEAR attacks on America and our Allies."  Sharyn Bovat the DOD Whistleblower

The Lockerbie Truth has been covered up by Iran Contra Profiteers.... Connected to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn

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