Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Fred Diaz Jose Munoz.... Plea Deal in Haslam Pilot Flying J FBI Probe... Soon (I Hope) the Themonitor with Be Up the Butt of NISSAN Executives. STOP THE FRAUD


I wonder WHY Bill Haslam has kept his business dealings a "secret"   guess he's in bed with those linked to PUTIN.....  That Russian President is said to be presiding over the MOST corrupt Olympics EVER.

Does the Russian Mafia have a bobsled Team?  

Pilot Board member Miguel Loya is President of Vitol.... 

Vitol trades with Surgutneftegaz and they provide President Putin with cash.....

People have always wondered WHY Pilot Flying J can charge less for gas....

"...Vitol is a private company, with 330 employees making up its shareholders In 1995, Vitol secretly supplied Slobodan Milošević's government with oil..."  Wiki

  "...He highlighted Rosneft as a company that has evolved toward greater transparency, and Surgutneftegaz (another reported source of Putin's illicit wealth) as a company that has not..."  from 'actual embassy cables' published in the UK's Guardian

Kentucky report sheds light on ownership of Jimmy Haslam's Pilot ... 11, 2013
In The Wall Street Journal story, Haslam said he wanted Trott to be ... of Commerce website, he is president of Vitol Inc., an energy trading ...

Putin has staked his reputation on the smooth hosting of the winter games. Based on the planning, it either speaks to how little he values his reputation, or more likely, that beneath the steely glare and martial arts muscles, he's being exposed as little more than a thuggish front man for a kleptocracy.
According to a detailed report issued by Russian opposition leaders in May, businessmen and various consiglieres of Putin have stolen up to $30bn from funds intended for Olympic preparations. This has pushed the cost of the winter games, historically far less expensive than their summer counterpart to over $50bn, more than four times the original estimate. That $50bn price tag would make them the most expensive games in history, more costly than the previous twenty-one winter games combined. It's a price tag higher than even than the 2008 pre-global recession summer spectacle in Beijing.
As Andrew Jennings, author of Lords of the Rings and the most important Olympic investigative reporter we have, said to me, "The games have always been a money-spinner for the cheerleaders in the shadows. Beijing remains impenetrable but is likely to have been little less corrupt than Putin's mafia state."
"Mafia state" may sound extreme, but these winter games will go down in history as perhaps the most audacious act of embezzlement in human history. As Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and Leonid Martynyuk wrote, "Only oligarchs and companies close to Putin got rich. The absence of fair competition, cronyism … have led to a sharp increase in the costs and to the poor quality of the work to prepare for the Games … 

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