Sunday, June 9, 2013

Message to EDTA Conference Attendees - Hi Brendan Jones, Mark Caffarey (Umicore), Doretta Capraroia (Fuji Electronics), & Mark Fisk (Nichicon) Hope Your Enjoying the Marriott Hospitality.

Do YOU think it's OK for NISSAN to du business in IRAN.  I was told by a guy from the DOD that "if" NISSAN gets better battery technology then IRAN would put that technology in weapons.  IRAN already uses Renault -  NISSAN technology in weapons... 

Why did NISSAN get 1.4 Billion DOE dollars. I was told by the State Dept. that "if" NISSAN really did have the technology they said they did when asking for the DOE money then Glenn Smith of DDTC should be alerted.  

From the New York Times:

The Ford Fusion Energi, however, is less about the blending of electrons and hydrocarbons for power and more about the car’s dual nature: the ability of a handsome family sedan to switch, superhero-style, from one driving persona to another.
When its 7.6 kilowatt-hour battery pack is fully charged — that takes about 2.5 hours from a 240-volt source — the driver can invoke the car’s jazzy smooth electric-vehicle self. In the first two days of a week with the sedan, I used a button near the gearshift to select the EV Now mode, which keeps the car driving almost exclusively on its battery. In 36 miles of driving punctuated by frequent electric top-ups, I was effectively operating a spacious 3,913-pound zero-emissions electric sedan, not using a drop of gasoline.
The car’s roomy interior, comfortable ride and taut steering were a welcome change from the toylike robotic feel of the Nissan Leaf compact E.V. that is my usual transportation. Among sedans that can operate on battery power, in my view, the Fusion Energi is surpassed in size and style only by the Tesla Model S.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Message to 501c3 Groups…. Voice of a Moderate Needs YOU to Stop Iran - If We Work TOGETHER if Can Happen
Date: November 12, 2012 10:34:10 AM CST
To:  a LOT of 501c3's

OK 501c3 groups that say you LOVE America.....    
Now the election is OVER.... Look at this.
Lets work together to "neuter" Iran then we can all go back to "fighting" over stupid stuff.  
Our troops deserve RESPECT.  I've talked to member of the military and they're"losing hope" 
in the America.  It's time "we" made those men and women proud.  We need to show they that their 
work "made a difference"

Here'e proof Renault operates in Iran sales for NISSAN's parent Renault have doubled recently due to other car companies "pulling out" due to public pressure.  The Daily Caller and the Hill have recently reported new legislation giving companies like NISSAN 'Illegal"  Maybe YOUR groups can support the UANI?  

FYI- The GOP Log Cabin Club has already done that. Matt Kibbe are YOU going to let the gay group "look" tougher on terrorism than Freedomworks?

A guy connected to the Pentagon explained it to me that "if" Nissan ever got better technology it will be used in weapons systems so the missiles with go farther and be more accurate.

  People that manage the National Security of America are "not" happy with a foreign company  that does business with IRAN getting American taxpayer money to do the research for better EV battery technology - when "if" created it will go into Iranian weapons systems.  He said "We like to make 'evil' nations create their own technology."

FYI- The EV battery research used to be done at NASA.... There budget got cut then Carlos Ghosn & other foreign companies got the money. Some went bankrupt. If GM does the research & we subsidize some VOLTS.... OK.  The technology is then AMERICAN.  That is Why as Republican I'm OK with GM getting money for the EV.  I do want the battery made and ALL R & D done in America.  The LG Chem thing to me is upsetting.

Below is a copy of a text conversation with a "car guy" he has 1st hand knowledge the Leaf could NEVER live up to promises that Carlos Ghosn's people told Congress.   The 1.4 Billion was taken for a "car to fail"  I was told by a high level VP is was an image car.  It was confirm


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