Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Nissan's market share is currently stuck in reverse, dropping from 9.3% at this time last year to just 8.6% today, according to Autodata Corp..."

It's called KARMA

Sharyn Bovat picture with TOP NISSAN Executives at the home of Catherine Perez... The woman that was later described as Carlos Ghosn's former mistress....   

HOW I Learned About DOE Fraud...... Body Butter? - Nissan ...
Jan 20, 2012 – After I started the blog I learned from a "former" Nissan employee that.... I will admit she also offered to apply the 

Sharyn Bovat pictured with Dee Kelly and the NALTA Tennis team. Bovat played on Dee's team for several season and was her back up partner.  Sharyn says "I used to 'lob' a lot and that would drive Dee crazy' and it looks like from my blog it still drives Greg crazy too..."  Oddly someone riffled through Bovat's apartment and took most of Bovat's photo's with Dee Kelly.  Even the photos of Greg the 1st American board member for NISSAN motors.  Greg attend Sharyn's 40th birthday party.  Luckily LOTS of Dee's friends were there and Sharyn will issues them subpoenas. Now that the "connection" to her bad legal council is clearly linked to Marsha Blackburn and the "cover up" of wasted spending by NISSAN the subpoena's in a "fair" court should NOT be quashed.     

Sharyn Bovat was also friends with Dee Kelly the wife of NISSAN's first American board member.   

Now Sharyn can't get a job because Mark Stout has refused to help Sharyn Bovat with her references.  So maybe she'll have to write that book that she said she wanted to do when she's 80 years old...
A publicist contacted Sharyn - and he does promotions for former FEDERAL AGENTS.... it's strange - Sharyn Bovat was simply "the relocation consultant".....  Why did those connected to the NISSAN CEO deem her the companies #2 security risk.... It's all document on a court transcript.

Why did the ADA Terry Wood Lie?

Why did NISSAN VP Jon Brancheau "dodge Subpoenas?

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