Saturday, May 25, 2013

Marsha Blackburn Knows NISSAN is KNOWN for Discriminating & in Mississippi the Former Governor Haley Barbour is Honoring His Dead Relative From The Civil War. Southerns Think They WON the War With ALL The Monuments and Dedications. My Ex Lawyer Kline Preston Thinks President Lincoln is a Traitor and He Hates Homosexuals and Makes Racist Tweets. Something is Morally Wrong in Tennessee and Mississippi. This Voice of a Whistleblower is Happy to Be Calling Tennessee a State She USED to Live In..... NISSAN HR Leaders Lead By Mark Stout, Marlin Chapman & Greg Kelly Fostered a Racist Corporate Culture That Discriminated Against Women. Sharyn Bovat Spoke UP About the Issues That PROVED to Be True and NISSAN Still Bullies Her. Why? It's the Japanese - Racist Homophobes That Lead the Company. Mr. Hiroto Saikawa & Toshiyuki Shiga I'm Talking About YOU. Remember Iwo Jima - America Wins Boys.... It's Time for Japanese Businessmen to Understand that in America It's EXPECTED to RESPECT All People That INCLUDES Women.

I Wonder What The Little Boy is "Thinking"......,0,4823223.story

Here's a Tweet from the Tennessee lawyer that is PRESIDENT of Marsha Blackburn's Pac
  1. Bio - Kline Preston Law Group

    Curriculum Vitae. G. Kline Preston, IV ... Preston Law Group, P.C. June 15, 1995 – ...Current PresidentMarsha Blackburn for Congress, Inc. the Kline Preston ...

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