Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Class Action Lawsuit Proposed Against Bill Haslam by the Tennessee Taxpayers - Scott Becker Who Would Have Thought the Governor Would Get BUSTED Before YOU and Krueger? Still I've Got a a HATE CRIME Case That I Want Addressed CRIMINALLY.... Tell Mark Stout, Greg Kelly and Marlin Chapman That FEDERAL TIme is 85% Served....

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From: Sharyn Bovat 
Subject: Class Action Lawsuit Against Bill Haslam by the Tennessee Taxpayers
Date: May 1, 2013 12:33:12 PM CDT
To:  a TOP CLASS ACTION LAWYER.... ONE That I Want to Do a CLASS ACTION Against NISSAN for Wasting Taxpayer Money Too....  Sharyn Bovat will FIGHT for RESPECT for her and the taxpayers UNTIL someone listens....

***  Can you help?  Sharyn 615-944-7599

Here's the action 

People vs Haslam

 Univar  is a partner/distributer for Dow Chemical & profits are directly tied to Dow..& if Dow Chemical had a "joint venture with Hemlock Semiconductor & if Univar is owned by CVC capital partners - which is owned by the Haslam family Pilot Flying J.  And TN Governor Bill Haslam is a main shareholder in Pilot Flying J & "if" the state STILL gives Hemlock Semiconductor subsidies that include $720,000 a month is STILL being paid even though Hemlock Semiconductor layed off all their employees  in TN then the fact that the TN governor did NOT disclose the fact his family business profits are linked to Hemlock Semiconductor a MAJOR conflict of interest.

It's state leaders that agreed to keep the payments to Hemlock going - they were appointed by Haslam.  jobs promised did not happen- the taxpayer money wasted & NOBODY benefits from this EXCEPT those connected to The Haslam family business that owns a majority of CVC partners. 

Therefore just cause for a "conspiracy" action.

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Hemlock still receiving checks from Tennessee

Nashville Business Journal-Apr 30, 2013
Months after it laid off most of the employees at its never-used, $1.2 billion plant in Clarksville,Hemlock Semiconductor is still receiving regular ...

Hemlock Semiconductor Sales Worsen on Solar Polysilicon Excess

Businessweek-by Ehren Goossens-1 hour ago
Sales at Hemlock Semiconductor Corp., the largest U.S. maker of material polysilicon used to make solar panels, continued to worsen in an ...

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