Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, Fred Diaz & Erich Marx Maybe Karma WIll Bite YOU in the Butt. Not the Fisker Kind. It's TIME NISSAN Respected the Hardworkign Taxpayer. I Was Told Justice Will Comve Via the IRS. NOW the Haslam Family is Under CRIMINAL INvestigation. Hey Maybe You All Could Bunk in the Big House with Your Political Friends. ALL of YOU But Fred LIED to America and I'm Sure Fred WIll BE Lying Within a Week. WHy Don't YOU Give Me a Tour of the EV Battery Plant in Smyrna and Show Me ALL the Jobs and Then I WIll Apologize. If I'm WRONG I Want to KNow.... Odds Are Pretty High I'm SPOT On and MOST of YOU Are Crooks.. UT Orange Jumpsuits for the NISSAN Execs?

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