Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gracia Martore of Gannett and Will Swaim of the Franklin Center of Public Integrity SHAME on YOU!!! Viewer Motivates Me to Ask for FBI and IRS to INSIST the SEC Join the "Dance".... FRAUD & Profiteering Happened. CNN Writes Good Article About the Looming Death of the Electric Car. Update NISSAN Leaf STILL Get LESS MPG Than Carlos Ghosn Via His Executives Promised Congress. NISSAN Leaf Owners Did NOT Know The NISSAN CEO Economically Fuels Terrorism. NISSAN Does Business With IRAN... Why Did the DOE Give So Much Money to NISSAN?

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".............. Likely the Haslams had a tipoff to *buy and sell* TESLA shares or Fisker shares or Better Place shares at *exactly* the right moment Tesla share trading has been a BIG DIRTY RACKET right from the start...."

Oddly the top guy at Tesla KNEW the NISSAN battery was "crap"...  EVERYONE who understands EV technology knew that NISSAN was using "outdated" technology.  For Stephen Chu and the Dept. of Energy made some bad decisions.  I knew about the issues of the NISSAN Leaf.  People that worked on the Leaf technology communicated to me that they did NOT like their company committing FRAUD.   

I told people at the Gannett owned Tennessean and they did NOT care.  I told Will Swaim at the Franklin Center of Public Integrity and that group did NOT care.   Nobody cared that LOTS of taxpayer money was/is being wasted on technology that will NOT work in the long term.  Better Battery technology MUST be created.  Nobody cared that I was jailed ***3 Times*** because I whistle blew.    Carmakers that LIED do NOT deserve taxpayer funds and they MUST pay back their loans.

The Hypocritical Franklin Center of Public Integrity is NOW whining about the "abuse" they've had by Greentech - Another EV company that wasted money.  One that "used" to be led by a distant cousin of mine Terry McAuliffe.  That company is NOT as bad as NISSAN but the people involved in Greentech are PIGS at the TROUGH and Haley Barbour Let Them Rip Off Mississippi too...  

Washington DC nothing but a whorehouse of money grubbing ingrates who ignore their constituents.  

90% of Americans WANT better background checks for gun sales and the idiotic senate failed to pass legislation.  On behalf of the moderate women of America    FUCK YOU!!1


The end
"...The bottom line for Fisker: It sucked down over a billion dollars and delivered around 2,000 cars to customers that now have few places to turn if those cars have mechanical problems.
At Kleiner Perkins, the dust is still settling. Reuters reported earlier this year that Kleiner partner Doerr apologized to his limited partners (groups that put money into VC funds) for a weak fund performance and promised to do better in the future. Lane has transitioned away from bringing in new investments for Kleiner’s future fund. Spooked by bad deals, venture firms across the board pulled back on cleantech investing by a third in 2012.
There are political repercussions, too. The DOE was on the hot seat when Solyndra went bankrupt, and now will be equally under scrutiny over Fisker. The ATVM program has essentially been frozen, and the DOE says that despite the fact that it has $16.6 billion remaining in the fund and seven applications pending, it will not award any more loans.
The worst part of the Fisker story could be the fallout for electric cars. Helping reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and lowering the carbon emissions of personal transportation is necessary. Introducing more electric cars is one way to do that. But with the industry in such a fragile, nascent stage, Fisker could wind up delivering the knock-out blow....."

Here's the link to the "well written" article....

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